Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just in time for Valentines Day!

In Somerset Life Jan/Feb 09 I was inspired by Victorian Cones (pg. 88).
I put a twist on it making them with a picture of cherub's, music and vintage lace.
There is nothing like adding a little glitter for sparkle!
And just in time for Valentines Day~
This is a simple project:(No pattern needed !) All that is needed is card stock paper, a little lace, copy of some sheet music, romantic picture, ribbon's, and some floral supplies and glue. Just shape the paper into a cone. Cut the top with any shapes or make the cone even. Then glue on your embellishments! You can always glue on a loop on the back to hang it from a hook.You may fill this with shredded paper, dried floral' s or candies on Valentines Day.
Then just place your Victorian cone on a mantle or any where that you need that little Victorian romantic touch~ This is a great project for all those little scraps of lace or ribbon you did n 't know what to do with.