Thursday, May 5, 2011

Making Time To Create

Yesterday I got to the point where I had to make some creative time happen with paint. I had been feeling like it was too long since I picked up my brushes. There has been so much going on for the wedding, but I needed to sneak in some time for me, my art, my clearing house of letting all go and just being in the moment and creating. I needed this no matter what the outcome of my short session with my paints would be!
Here is the outcome of my creative time.

The tag is something I saved from a flating iron that was purchased. I painted sections over it so its colors would match in with the painting. On the tag it says Glamour, just under it for straight finish /processed hair.
I found the tag in my stash of papers after making my curly haired girl and found it ironic and that is when I added it to my painting.

The two images on the top are pior to adding inks and changing the background slightly.
I wasn't sure if I was done I decided to add inks in the background and see where it went. 

Today and over the next week I hope to make a little more time to create as in the days beyond that I know the packing will ensue, travel and all the makings for the wedding will be coming together as will the festivities and family time for my daughter Laura and Charles big day. *I decided to share with Paint Party Friday visit if you would like to see more artwork.

 Do you ever find it hard to fit in your creative time? Do you bring an art journal with you when you travel?