Friday, June 26, 2009

The Mad Tea Party Is Here! It's Time!!

Through the looking glass she went, then plopped right into another world. Sat in a chair and began to read a classic tale of Alice In Wonderland. She fell asleep and when she awoke she was watching a modern slide show of that classic tale. What sights abound hold on to your seats you are in for a treat or two!

~ You can play the video below for White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane while watching the other video ~I hope you stayed to the end of the show for cupcakes and punch !!

Don't forget to follow the white rabbit to A Fanciful Twist if you want to go to the other Mad Tea Parties! ~ Drop by for some more tea soon! ~TheresaPS...don't forget to wear your party shoes!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drawing Again

Practice, Practice, Practice. I always felt challenged drawing. Now I am challenging myself to improve on my drawing skills. I will never be the realist, cartoonist, character, or folk artist to speak of, but my aim is to improve my drawing skills and expand on them for painting. My first images inspired by the 20's and art deco. It is painted in acrylics and some watercolor pencils for face details. My second set which is a work in progress is inspired by Marie Antoinette. I am planning on using colored pencil and maybe some paints. I will re post it when complete.
What ever level you are at in drawing expanding on those skills is helpful. Even if you have never tried, once you start and see yourself improve is a wonderful feeling. I happened across a web site http://www. ~ It appears to be free with sign up and has tutorials from beginning to advanced and some for children too. There are also sessions given by artists. I am going to search around there some more. In the mean time, if drawing is the skill you would like to improve you might like to see what they have to offer. To start all you need is a good pencil like an H or H2, or even mechanical pencil. A sketchbook,a good eraser and patience.
"The essence of drawing is the line exploring space." ~ Andy Goldsworthy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

50's Style Girl

I used -Caran d'Ache Watercolor Pencils. They are water-soluble, soft and easy to work with. You can get them in traditional colors or metallic.

The background is pasted on tissue paper that has been water colored over in various parts.
I am doing some character like drawings and working on some more realistic ones which I will post at a later date. I can't wait to share, I have been sketching a lot more.

The background gives her a 50's feel.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catch The Train Re Purpose ~

Have some cherries or cupcake. Don't forget to smell the roses and pet the new kitten before leaving. Thanks for stopping by for the Junk Party~ & ~ Thingie Thursday! See sidebar for links to some more blog fun.

Doll house to redo this summer with my daughter Sammie who is 7yr.old and she is very excited about the project. Drop by at the end of summer and see the completed project.

Brown train case $3. Purple train case $5.
Vintage find of the purple train case cleaned up to store some of my grandma's special things.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Junk Party

I'm all about blog parties!
Me & My House is having one-

A Junk Party
Sounds like fun to me....I have plenty of junk and little vintage finds to take pictures of and share with you. Despite trying to downsize consistently due to the fact every Saturday morning my husband and youngest daughter go out to garage sales. They usually bring me home art supplies, old books, vintage finds and snip its of this and that ~
So drop by here on June 18, 2009 For a Lovely Junk Party! I hope to share some visual treats to capture your heart! ~

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Purpose Of Life Is To Be Happy

From the color inspiration

The purpose of our lives is to be happy!

This saying meant a lot to me. Leaving the corporate world, dealing with change, and finding my new path. Sure there may not be the security of a steady income, but thankfully I have support.

Although things have changed to adapt to the income difference, there is a complete feeling that I am in the right place and doing the right thing.
With faith and hard work I can make up for lost time and create my own new direction that will include a path to my success on my terms.

But each day I must remind myself that the purpose of our lives is to be happy. So I enjoy the simple things: More time for family, the outdoors, birds in my yard, reading, creating a new path with art and more!

I know it will feel like a full circle when my visions are in motion and others can see my dream in action.
This is a acrylic painting on canvas with mixed media paper working.

Color Inspiration - Sharing a Zen moment - Outside my window

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2nd Annual Mad Tea Party ~ Follow the White Rabbit

What are summers for? Laying in a hammock and reading whimsical books? Dreaming of enchanted places? Or falling down the rabbit hole for a............. Mad Tea Party!

I pick the tea party and you can join in on the fun or just come visit that day via our lovely hostess Vanessa from ~

A Fanciful Twist~

You won't be disappointed there will be more lovely blogs participating than you can imagine!
Tea and goodies galore! Whimsy and Enchantment! Catch a glimpse of the Mad Hatter by dropping by Vanessa's lovely blog. Hope to see you there and don't forget to come here that day.

Looking for Inspiration

Vintage Journal Page~
Today I am Looking for Inspiration~

This second journal page was inspired by the techniques of Pam Carriker.

Vintage bibs ~ Wonderful color inspiration.

Taking a moment to put down the paintbrush and deciding what female image to use for my painting I am working on. I don't think I want to use the image from the class I am taking.
I want to find a female image that is unique to my painting. I am learning some new techniques and can't wait to show you the final painting.

Wow! Can I create I mess when looking for that special something!
Guess you know what I'll be doing after I am done today.....

The inevitable clean up! Maybe I should find a file system for my images? Or is searching half the fun?