Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Challenge Yourself

Sorry I haven't been posting as much this week. I really have been trying to challenge myself!
I am taking The Goddess & Poet over at Suzi Blu's. It focuses on learning to draw pretty stylized faces. So negative thoughts aside on my drawing! Here are a few of my first attempts for her class. I will share the progress with you. As you know you only get better with practice! ( I hope!) I am being vulnerable in my process to grow in my drawing skills. It truly is a skill that has to be practiced. So if you think you can't draw just challenge yourself! Get a moleskin sketchbook, some graphite pencils, a good kneaded eraser and practice!
I have a face that I am painting and can't wait to share that with you. Adding elements of dimension with colored pencil, paint and more. That is what I really love when you get into the mixed media elements. But I know in order to grow I must draw too! Off to the drawing boards as they say~
Hope I have inspired you to take courage over your fears and try!