Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art Quilt Block

This is going to be a quick post. I have been trying all night to get into Blogger to share my art quilt block with you.

This is created with the paper fabric I made on muslin. Washes of paint are actually done over the papers that are glued to the muslin. When making the paper fabric you use scraps of papers, tissues, fabrics, string, twine or whatever you have on hand. * I don't know if you know that post? I'll try and find it and link it later. Then added fabrics, quilting and some other elements to it. The quilt block size is 14" x 14".

These  photo collages will go close up and  larger if you click on each. 
You'll be able  to see the free motion stitching I used. 

You might be able to see on the first image where their is a direction line in the center that I sewed listen closely referring to your dreams. I have some other fabric paper I made and hope to make a few more. I am not sure if I will piece a few together or hang them individually due to their size. I may make smaller 6" x 6" blocks to piece together as an art quilt later.

Here it is the next day and I am adding the pictures and finishing writing all this, crossing my fingers it will post. Is anyone else still having problems?

I'll be linking this up to Paint Party Friday to share what I have been up to this week. In my resources is the linky if you want to see what all the creative artists are painting up and you can find out more about it via their site.

Have you ever made your own paper fabric? Painted on fabric? or make an art quilt block or quilt?