Friday, September 9, 2011

Imagine The Stories Journal Page

Hi Everyone, Remember the sneak preview of the journal page I gave you. Well here comes the rest of the page and a little journal prompt for you. This has been one of those busy, the kind that seems like you aren't getting anything done! One step forward, two step back weeks. Do you ever have those?

Journal Page: Imagine The Stories I'll Tell You

This page was inspired as I was reflecting on how I love to tell Sammie stories as she swings. Sometimes she reads to me, we talk, tell each other stories and in the summer all while hanging out the laundry. The butterfly is pulling the book around to open it.

Well I love doing this so much and thought of the news my daughter Krissy gave me a bit ago. She is having her second baby due in December. Shes has had a rough pregnancy but is doing better now, but still has to take care. Any way, this page is for the little one who is on his way. I created this page for him.

One day Sammie will be older, the swing empty and waiting for the little boy to come and have me tell him stories. It won't be often as we live far apart, but I know he will enjoy the tales I have to tell him. I can't wait to hear a name, see his precious face and enjoy another baby in the family. Her daughter Audrey will be almost 4yr old when he is born.

Journal Prompt:  I just thought I would share you can add pages about events happening in the family and how they relate to you personally. I said things in layers that didn't show, you know some personal things. I also added in real tree twigs and some mesh fabric ribbon. Lots and lots of textures and layers.

Well, that is all from me for now. I hope to get back on track with things this coming week. Thanks for visiting! & Have a great weekend. Oh, and its Paint Party Friday if you like seeing other creative folks work. The link is in the resources page. Follow along and sign up  Or subscribe by going back to the top left side. I'd  love to have you here and return your visits. Be sure and comment so I know you stopped by!
Do you journal? Have you worked on your journal pages lately?