Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photography & Color Inspiration

Hello everyone, I am sharing  a photograph I had taken and altered it into a snapshot frame then added a quote. I have been trying to play around with Photo Shop again. I am also sharing other photographs, color palettes and color inspiration. I have been doing a bit of dreaming and wishing lately. You can see why below.

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Feel free to use either of my snapshots with quote on your blogs if you like but, just credit back to me and keep to the creative common terms. I also put a link to my Flickr where there is code for using too. 

Rose Reflections, A Dozen Pink Cream Yellow Roses Reflected in a Mirror Image Picture, Free Use, Public Domain, Creative Commons

I thought I would share the image above with my color inspiration. I have flowers on my mind, my palette is called  blushing rose. I have to take a trip soon to Northern Ca. as I am doing the flowers for my oldest daughter's wedding which is coming up quicker than ever! First they announce the engagement, then it is the planning, although it seems far off..... Its kind of a hurry up and wait things, then wow it is only 1 1/2 months away!!!!

So much to do all of a sudden. We are going to a flower wholesaler to get supplies and doing some test arrangements, finding out what will be in season from a list of likes from the bride, pre-ordering things that won't be available from the grower. Then several days prior we get all the goods to prepare for the event. Thank goodness my son's lovely lady and my second youngest daughter are going to help! I hope this gives me some good blogging images! If I have time to take photographs. lol


This image I just loved due to the fact of the flying wishes! I just love wishes. When you were a kid did you gather them up, make your wish and then blow them into the air? I remember as kids saying they really had to get flying away or your wish wouldn't come true. Well, the colors, wishes and dreamy look of this image just spoke to me. Plus the title Hand In Hand. Then I created  my color palette Wishful dream which  I made over at ColourLovers.

Lastly, Sammie's science experiment was due today. So we helped her finishing up details then hauled the display and tank of  hatched brine shrimp over for set up this morning. Whew! I'll try and take a picture tonight of my little scientist with her display to share. That's what caused my Sunday post to be so late.

I hope you have time to take a look at the post where I shared two journal pages believe and a creative journey along with the prompt. The post was featured on Creating The Hive. If you are a member send over a friend invite, its just another great place to connect in a lovely online artist community.

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the  emotions. Pablo Piccaso

What is your favorite creative community? What is a color you love?