Friday, January 27, 2012

Character Sketch & Painting

Hi, Happy Friday everyone! Just a quick post, as it's been a busy week. Sammie got in her first play, a musical. Add on homework, book report and settling into having more work. Seem to be running late each night and behind. Enough said, the life of a mom. So I did make it to the paint table a couple of times and took a sketch I did when hanging out late one night.

I am doing a series of animals as people hunters and such. So here is my latest. Who knows if I revise a bit. But, I thought I would share. It is the same as prior. Pencil, color pencil, acrylic paint. I redid my deer girl you can see her in the previous post.


I hope you have  a great weekend ahead! & visit Paint Party Friday to see more artists. Link is in my resource page if you haven't been.

Enter the giveaway if you like! Hope to see you soon! Hoping to make it to an art & wine show over the weekend on the coast if the weather permits. PS: Be sure & subscribe or follow on Facebook or networked blogs I heard they are getting rid of Google Friend Connect in March. Did you find your blogger changed? Mine just did!
What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday ReMix Deer Painting & Fabriano Papers & A Giveaway

Mid week check in! Hope this finds you doing well. After many days of cold gloomy weather & a bit of rain the sun has popped out! Ya! I always love painting in the bright of natural light and I have some things  I sketched out to work on. Today I thought I would share my deer girl reworked. And don't forget to enter the giveaway before you go today! xo

 This one with my phone at night was better than my camera, go figure!

Yes, practice makes perfect even if she is not! The thing is, nothing has to be perfect.When it comes to finding my own voice with my art, characters it is just that. I have stepped back from taking classes a bit and am really trying to stretch me, organically. Ha! Well, that and the budget right now isn't for taking some. Although I have been tempted by a few. I am going to the library with Sammie soon. I am going to check out some books that I have been wanting to see and practice some illustration. (hope they have the one I am looking for as our library is so small, I miss the city library!! I digress)

{comparison new on the left}

{taken at night sorry about lighting}

So here is how the story really goes....I did really like my girl without her background, but what really spawned me reworking her was a request. I got an email from my daughter who lives in NYC she said,  I really love your deer girl and she reminds me so much of .......So to recreate one that I thought would be just to her liking or hopefully so! This girl has a little more pencil work, watercolor pencils that was washed over parts, lots of color pencil and a touch of acrylics. I created this one on some {Fabriano paper} the feel and touch of it is Amazing! If you use it be sure not to overwork any areas. (Not a mixed media paper, but can take paints, pencils, it has a thickness and depth to it * also don't dig to deep with sharp drawing pencils, not meant for being heavy handed)

her colors are lime green, bright pink, hair red brown

I am going to share what I used and some alternate options in case you are interested in trying this {juicy}
paper! This is truly affordable quality without spending a lot of money.

 Fabriano Studio Watercolor Paper
This is what I used for my painting. Fabriano Studio Watercolor Paper Fabriano Rosapina White, with a name like that, heavenly! Say no more.

Fabriano Italian Watercolor Paper Value Pack

All I can say is love, love love! 

For all you journalers I just found they also make a journal! This is next on my list when I complete my new one!
Fabriano Artist’s Journal

Fabriano Artist’s Journal

 Stabilo CarbOthello Pastel Pencil Sets

I am also wanting to try these pastel pencils! Who knew? I am intrigued as I am loving pastels lately although I didn't use any in these smaller paintings. Have you used these? More about pencils later! Now, I don't have sketches of what is next as I am charging my camera battery today. I hadn't charged it in a month, woops! But, I promise to have more tid bits soon!

Oh, if you made it to here a little treat enter my giveaway from my other site for Sibu Beauty's Organic Facial Cleanser it truly is Amazing! I got to try it. I will be having another more artsy giveaway in February so stay tuned!! I hope you enter I'd love for you to have the chance. If you want to see more about the products visit my site or Sibu Beauty!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deer Girl 2 Sketch To Painted

Another weeks flies by! I found myself doing a little sketching, taking the sketches and adding colored pencils mocking up my colors then painting. This week I went to my tried and true, acrylics. I like using watercolor pencil but decided watercolors themselves aren't for me. I have not found the happy place with them.

The initial sketch had no color pencil :
I color penciled to see how I wanted to paint her.

Here is my deer hunter /deer girl painted with acrylics and some color pencil work, but not much.  Here she is painted with acrylics and no background

 Here is a close up of her. I am still experimenting with my imaginary friends. I didn't get to paint over last weeks girl yet, but I am going to.

I kind of like her without a background, but I played around with this background almost like if someone walked up with a flashlight in the dark and saw he.

 Click to enlarge

Here is a collage of the images that you can click and see the details larger. I hope to get more painting in next week. Hindered by my first migraine of the year. I am hoping they don't come to visit too often and I would be happy to never see them again. Maybe my girl can hunt them down with her bow and arrow. lol The Mr. got me some medicine and it helped. I am planning on playing along with Paint Party Friday. Do join in if you paint! Visit either way to see others. I hope to get some journaling done next week, but if nothing else I have another sketch to paint. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Musings & No Sew Tutorial

I have some photos of a lovely winters walk. With the lack of rain the leaves still are on some of the vines in all their glory and color, a few winter's musings and where you can grab my tutorial. 

Beautiful Healdsburg, CA.
On another day we took a walk with Audrey to the park. I showed her a raised garden bed they had and we talked about plants, she smelled herbs and discovered nature.These moments captured are precious.

Speaking of precious meet my new little grandson. Sometimes it is hard to believe I have kids old enough to have kids. I am so lucky to be young enough to enjoy this and old enough to appreciate it even more.

 Jade is all ears for Sammie to come home from school and she patiently waits until she is done with her homework to play. Our kitty is growing into a cat, but still is very playful. 

I do have some new drawings and such to share later this week. I need to charge the camera and have proper daylight to snap the photos, edit and then I'll be ready to share. I made a tutorial for Pin cushion-sewing kit it is a no sew tutorial and I used wide mouth mason jars on DearCreatives today if your interested hop over, take a peek and bookmark it for when your ready to make your own. Hope you are having a great start to your week! xo

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Deer Girl & Paint Party Friday

Hi! I wanted to play along with Paint Party Friday. Have you ever joined in? If not you can grab the link here,visit the other artists and count your self in when you have something you painted to share. I decided to work a bit on my drawing this year along with my painting. So I am going to share my sketch and then how it looks painted.

You know how I love nature. So I decided to create a deer girl and nature scene. Here is the sketch.

First she had fawn spots but then when I took the first photo it just didn't look right in the photo. So I worked over her face a bit really quick. I might work on her some more, but she needed to dry. I am good for tearing wet paper. I love working with lots of layers.

Here is the little scene all painted. I used water colors to brush up and learn some new skills. Ya, not my favorite. Kudos to all you watercolorists, as I know it takes some mad skills! But one thing I love about playing like that is I added white acrylic into the sky & then I really liked how it turned out. And little details here and there with color pencil. This was created with pencils, water colors, acrylic paint, colored pencil & love.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and new year. My shop is open and slowly adding things and I hope to update it this weekend. I am busy crafting too. And of course organizing! Yep, somebody has to do it. Have a great weekend and be sure to leave me a comment so I can return the visit! I'll be so happy to see what your creating! And in case you didn't see my New Year Journal Page and post it is here. But here is a snip it.

This is a new year, with new opportunities & unexplored creativity waiting to be nurtured. Envisioning my dreams onto canvas & bringing it to reality is filling my soul; Creating from the place of my heart.~ Theresa Huse 2012

What are you focusing on creatively in 2012?

Thursdays Musings

 Hey, I thought I would just share I hope to post tomorrow with at least one drawing I have done this week. I am hoping to paint it this afternoon & take some photos to share. Today I am swooning over this!

We are planning on doing some fixing around our place. No small task. I am trying to get the Mr. on board with when we redo the floor we put in an island / table in the kitchen that can also be used for art & crafts. We would have a sink area behind it & not more creative cabinets, but that is ok. I would love this in Krissy's old room / our now guest room. Only problem is when they come to visit & stay where would they sleep?
My whole family lives 5-8hrs away. So when you visit you stay at least a few days. So a version of this would be great, we'd only need a place for three. When we have company we can venture to the other room for dining.

In the mean time I am making do & organizing from a few custom orders I had over the holidays, putting away ribbons, materials, paints.....

I have a post on today about cloth grocery bags & safety tips for using them. Also links to free patterns for your reusable bags. I also have two posts one of which has my top 10 photography tutorials & tips / one post dedicated to lens selection.  If you are green, sew or love photography & crafts I am sure you will like it so venture over at your leisure! Hope to see you tomorrow! xo

If you are on Pinterest you can follow my boards for Craft rooms or anything else if you like! Seriously trying only to go visit when I have my morning coffee. Love that site!

Readers just disregard: just verifying with code here: 6JQSRZW36F2V

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Journal Page & New Beginnings

Hello again, I pulled out the water color pencils & pastels & fine tip felt pen to create this journal page. Magical beginnings happen when you grow them from the heart. I went into this page with no ideas & expectations, just a quick page to refresh my rusty self. I remembered a flower design I had drawn years ago for a stained glass window I created. I wonder what happened to it over the years? The moves & changes life gives you. Oh, well....

Then I started to write some of my feelings down. I put five things I would like to focus on, not necessarily resolutions. I try to give myself goals monthly. There is plenty of pressure without having to have a resolution for an entire year. Not to mention if things change we need to be able to adjust. Right? I am all about being flexible & in the moment, probably why a year long commitment at this point doesn't feel right for me. I have had plenty of long commitments personal & work.

I have started to draw again. I wanted to nurture something new that would help me in my paintings. I can't wait to share with you even if I am hiding under a mushroom due to my lack of drawing skills. Sharing from a place of where I start & where I go along with my journal pages, paintings & photography this year. I want to re-start my daily journaling, painting.....

I created a digital, super quick too. I have to go clean my art & craft room so I can get working again on a daily basis,but I had wanted you to know I didn't go any where. I am here, just filled with lots to do. I am adding things to my shop, planning & also working hard on my other site for creativity & crafts.If you are interested in a great list of top ten photography tips & tutorials and where to get them from you can visit,

 Here is the digital I made.

This is a new year, with new opportunities & unexplored creativity waiting to be nurtured. Envisioning my dreams onto canvas & bringing it to reality is filling my soul; Creating from the place of my heart.~ Theresa Huse 2012

What magical beginnings are you starting this year?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing you a happy and creative New Year!

This has been a whirl wind holiday season which started out with several weeks of being under the weather. Luckily I recovered in time to travel to visit Krissy's new baby and celebrate Christmas with my family. She had a 9lb. 2oz. boy!  Both mom and baby doing great. Sammie and  I had a good visit but, I missed traveling to friends due to holiday gatherings, meeting my new grand baby and staying 45 minutes from where they live. Lots of time was spent with the older kids and catching up. Now onto giveaway and discount news ...

To celebrate 2012 I am planning a giveaway soon here! But I have a giveaway you can enter for handmade Cashmere Snowmen on my other site. They are beautiful and made by a fiber artist!  Just follow and comment, that is it! Do it quick because it is ending soon. I may extend it to the end of the week since the holidays haven't allowed for many entries, which means better odds for you!!

I am also going to be reading more this year and if you would like to read the same book(s) we can have a chat once a month about it! More about what I am reading and the details later. Now if you have been pining over some getting some new arts and crafts books or other books you may like this discount:

Don't forget to visit the shop for handmade items and a few originals. Interested in a print, just ask!  More items to the shop soon. I will keep you posted. I can't wait to get creating in the new year!  Wishing you the best in 2012!!

What is on your list for this year? Wishing / Resolutions / Hopes?