Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dia De Los Muertos "Day of the Dead"

Day of the Dead Acrylic PaintingCompleted Painting~

Day of the Dead painting work in progressWork in progress~

Day of the Dead painting in poorgress
This shot is in natural indoor light & looked a bit muted~
Day of the Dead painting close up of the faceClose up of face prior to eyes completed~
Day of the Dead painting close up of the skullClose up of skull~

To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. ~Thomas Campbell "Hallowed Ground"
These are my Dia De Los Muertos, "Day of the Dead" painting completed its title is Tributo. I was tempted and still may change the champagne color under her head where I have written Tributo which is tribute in Spanish I was thinking of the same blue that is in the background in other places. For now it will stay as is. I made this to honor my mother as well as other's mothers, grandmothers, sisters and loves~This past summer was the third anniversary of my mom's passing~ To learn more about Day of the Dead & cultures celebration of it visit here.
How do you honor your loved ones passing? Have you created a work of art to honor someone who was special to you?