Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Journal Page & New Beginnings

Hello again, I pulled out the water color pencils & pastels & fine tip felt pen to create this journal page. Magical beginnings happen when you grow them from the heart. I went into this page with no ideas & expectations, just a quick page to refresh my rusty self. I remembered a flower design I had drawn years ago for a stained glass window I created. I wonder what happened to it over the years? The moves & changes life gives you. Oh, well....

Then I started to write some of my feelings down. I put five things I would like to focus on, not necessarily resolutions. I try to give myself goals monthly. There is plenty of pressure without having to have a resolution for an entire year. Not to mention if things change we need to be able to adjust. Right? I am all about being flexible & in the moment, probably why a year long commitment at this point doesn't feel right for me. I have had plenty of long commitments personal & work.

I have started to draw again. I wanted to nurture something new that would help me in my paintings. I can't wait to share with you even if I am hiding under a mushroom due to my lack of drawing skills. Sharing from a place of where I start & where I go along with my journal pages, paintings & photography this year. I want to re-start my daily journaling, painting.....

I created a digital, super quick too. I have to go clean my art & craft room so I can get working again on a daily basis,but I had wanted you to know I didn't go any where. I am here, just filled with lots to do. I am adding things to my shop, planning & also working hard on my other site for creativity & crafts.If you are interested in a great list of top ten photography tips & tutorials and where to get them from you can visit DearCreatives.com,

 Here is the digital I made.

This is a new year, with new opportunities & unexplored creativity waiting to be nurtured. Envisioning my dreams onto canvas & bringing it to reality is filling my soul; Creating from the place of my heart.~ Theresa Huse 2012

What magical beginnings are you starting this year?