Monday, January 4, 2010

Phyical Body Spiritual Body Journal Pages and Thoughts

Body~ Constantly changing, constantly in motion. I have a love hate relationship with mine as I am sure a lot of us do. As women being bombarded with media. Loving the images yet comparing it to ourselves. I have seen half a life of change right before my eyes. Ah youth we start out so pure and nature has us running out doors, playing and keeping fit without even realizing we are nurturing our bodies and souls. Adolescence has our bodies developing and we change into young adulthood. As women our journey is so vast whether we have children and reel from the changes that does to our bodies. Also depending on when we have those children in young adulthood or in the middle of our lives. Then coming of passage when we step into the challenge of fighting natures path. To slow us down, to feel what we have done to our bodies over time. I am only trickling on the edge of finding out what is to come. But one thing I have found out is if we don't take the time to care for ourselves spiritually and physically it has a great affect on our daily lives. Spiritual Body~ I am trying to open my mind to being more positive, continue learning, be open to accepting where I am and open to where I want to go. Finding that connection of mind and body. When you are taking care of both you are truly at one with yourself. I am opening my hands to accept the challenge of living a more fuller life by connecting my mind and body and exercising them both equally in 2010.
I am participating in Creative Everyday 2010. I have Leah's logo and link on my sidebar. For January she has a prompt befitting the new year "BODY". I am challenging myself this year to make changes necessary for a healthier me although this prompt is for January I am sure you will see more journal pages around the subject. If you would like to participate go visit her site.
Let me know what challenges you have faced now or in the past. How did you overcome those challenges? What pushed you not to settle? What caused you to look in the mirror and say now is the time to love yourself better? What made you want to be a healthier you?