Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Wishing you a wonderful Easter full of traditions, blessings, and fun~

Decoupage eggs with paper-napkins via Martha Stewart

Source:  on Pinterest

Theresa Huse 2011

I am taking a little impromptu break.
I'll be back to blogging, art and visiting soon! Until then wishing you the best! 
Do you have any Easter or Spring break plans?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Spinning Circles" Journal Prompt

I created this morning journal page and posted on my You Tube page I the video of how I created it from start to finish. The video is about 6.30 min. Actual time spent on page is about one hour.

I  had a lot of thoughts going on in my head yet I didn't know what to paint at all. I have had so much going on I haven't been able to focus on my creativity. My mornings feeling rushed. I just began by putting scrap papers on the page then started to draw and paint. Lots of layers. If you visit over there please let me know via comments. I'd love to know if you enjoyed seeing a page created from start to finish.

On the page I wrote; Words and thoughts swirling around my head like birds flying in the sky.  Someday s I feel so un-rested I can't get ahead. Spinning circles around my head. Feeling like I am always missing the target. 

I have a tendency to be a bit of a night owl now and then, yet duty calls in the morning. Coffee, rushing to help Sammie get ready, driving Sammie to school then back here to do things that are needed and then squeeze in creative time. Not the way to do it, I have to find a better routine. So I can stay creative.

This page is about having too many thoughts, needing to find my quite place in my mind to create. Slowing down, whether it is in life or in my thoughts, so I don't miss the target. The target refers to being focused, finding that creative inspiration, attaining certain goals, not being rushed or late.
 I like the slow peaceful starts better. Easing into the day, feeling refreshed and ready, calm and creative. 
Are you a morning person or night owl? Have you ever created morning pages in your journal?

Journal Prompt: This week try making a journal page starting with layers of papers, adding paints and your thoughts of how your mornings are. Use an animal or bird to represent how you feel about mornings. It can be a stamp or cutout an image. Then add your thoughts in pens. 

Quote: One needs occasionally to stand aside from the hum and rush of human interests and passions to hear the voices of God. Anna Julia Cooper

Food for Thought: I haven't read this book yet, but it is now on my list of book reads.
The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal

Friday, April 15, 2011

In My Garden, Blossoming & Color Inspiration

Yesterday I went to the front garden area which is rather small on either section of the walkways but there were several things that captured my heart. I took out my camera to take some photographs of my roses blooming. When I was out there I heard the hummingbirds in the trees, we had disturbed them and they were waiting for us to leave. I patiently waited over thirty minutes, they couldn't take not getting their afternoon nectar treat. So down they came from the trees to the bushes full of nectar. Another thing that caught my eye was how Sammie all ready for her talent show looked so beautiful and as if she had blossomed. I had to ask her to stop for a photograph.

  Color Inspiration
 Late but not forgotten, color inspiration from the hummingbird photograph. I promise to share more hummingbird and flower photographs in a week or so, after I have time to edit and upload.

PS; I posted a note about looking for guest bloggers to feature on my blog in my last post.  I need several guest bloggers in May as my oldest daughter is getting married. Just email me if you are interested!!

What has captured your heart lately?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Make A Zine

A while back I said I wanted to share how to make a zine. This is a step by step process that we made to simplify it for anyone. Just click on the pictures, open in new tab to enlarge to take a better look. To make your own zine just try to get the folding process down first. Try it a few times and I am sure you'll get it down.
Then you can work out what images you will use. Cut and paste, draw or use your own artwork via copying or scanning images and sizing them laying images on the page where you want them. Then you can open it up to make copies for printing. There are several You Tube videos on this topic. I hope to make my own video of the process down the road. At the end of the post are two that were really helpful videos on learning the technique.

The zine tutorial layout was done for Sammie's school class project.  I helped her create it for a class demonstration  that she gave the class. She shared samples of  zines we made using magazine images in the zine booklet.

I took a photograph of one of our little zine covers looking at a butterfly perched on some rocks that we have collected. We had made several with themes. They are really fun to make!

 Maybe this is what I need to work on today, as I only have a short time to play around and I feel like I have lost my mojo this week! Luckily I have my post for the journal prompt done already. *as I will be away this weekend. My mind is on so many other things than blogging and being creative. Oh, not to mention filing TAXES! That's enough to scramble ones brain. lol

 So just like the little guy in my zine I will look to nature, the outdoors and a change of scenery in hopes of putting a spring back in my creative step and finding my light!

Oh, by the way creative friends, I am looking for a couple of people to do some blogging guest posts in my absence when I am attending to wedding stuff in May so if you are interested please email me. I am looking for art related posts, tutorials and  at least two journaling posts!!

Here's two videos about zine making, they are different and offer great tips on each: 

Have you ever made a zine or mini zine? Is this something you'll try? I would love to see what you create so be sure and let me know if you make one and blog it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creative Photography

When I am not painting I love taking photography so today I am going to share some creative ways I have taken portraits of my youngest daughter. I love using my digital camera and getting creative and  inspired by her growing. Looking for shapes and capturing your favorite person in various ways is a great way to chronicle the changes, places and fun things that happen every day, on trips or just firsts. Not all these are my best shots, but I am sharing them to give you an idea of thinking a bit about pulling out your camera and taking chances. All the images have a few details.  

* Note I have not taken any photography classes. This is all from self learning.

Just her legs on a swing

Close up holding the rope swing

Think about shapes. The first three images; one round, one square, one triangle.......

One day when Sam was taking forever in the tub. I went to see what was going on. She was making bubbles. I took photographs of her making these great bubbles and sticking her hands in them. Remember in the movie Blues Brothers 2000. When he goes in the rest room and comes out with soap all over his face and called it puff ball disease and told everybody to run. Well, I got some photo's of her doing just that too!  She loves entertaining!

This was portrait was taken at a botanical garden where I had her look through a sculpture

Here we were at the beach and I had her stand inside the tee pee made of drift wood

This photo she is learning how to use chop sticks

Outside I thought the contrast of the wood on the tree being rough and her hair and skin being soft

 Her hands again, this time learning to make goop at the science fair

 This is so she will have memories of the project of hatching brine shrimp

 Close up and colorful with part of her body leaning in

 Swim lessons Just reaching the wall after swimming across

 Close up face shot with a scarf on

Take a picture of the mirror with subject in it,  A hair cut

 Climbing under the hammock, I took images of her under, on and next to with her pet also

Her first teeth cleaning

The more you take photographs of your subjects the less camera shy they are. When taking photographs of children remember they don't have lots of patience so keep your shoots short. Take photographs of them doing activities they love. Whether it be playing in a sandbox, on a scooter, a first bike ride, the opportunities are endless.

Taking portraits doesn't mean you always have to have the best shot, although it would be nice. Take lots of photographs and edit them to your liking. Remember you are also capturing moments, memories and growing. And the key to getting better is doing it all the time, having your camera with you and learning about your camera. I am just beginning to use editing software. Another aspect you can add to your images lighting and textures as you want to get more creative.

I hope this helps you just dive in a capture some wonderful moments. I love taking photographs of family, nature and flowers. PS. with Earth day around the corner you might like to see this post with images of Sammie's first bike and a lovely You Tube Video! From Sept 09 Not Just Thoughts on a Bike.

When your done if you want great tips and to be inspired by great photographs visit iheartfaces. This is a place I just might be hanging out to learn a bit more about the art of capturing the face. Who knows maybe I'll enter a contest there one day!

What is your favorite subject when taking photographs? What is your favorite photography tip or site?

This looks like a good read. Have you read any good books with tips for photography?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Stretching Creatively" Journal Prompt

Do you ever try and take big steps creatively and after you have attempted you are a bit let down. Almost discouraged as you know in your mind where you want to be yet things get in the way of that goal. This week for me in stretching I find myself seeing where I need more work, knowledge to help me be able to accomplish my goals. It is hard to look at the tools in front of you and not be able to master them in a moment. Whether those tools are your pencils, paintbrushes, photo shop, editing soft ware.......

So aren't the little struggles suppose to make things feel great when they are completed? Maybe. I know from my own experience if I don't stretch and go through those growing pains I am not going to reach my goals. So there are days when I am hard on myself, disappointed for where I am in the moment, pulling my hair out over things not being easier! But, when all is said and done I know I must keep going. This is what I am choosing to do, and without the stretching you might not find your end result.

I must be positive for the little pushes that help me grow. Open to the process, let the ideas keep flowing and nurture them. And mostly have patience with myself and trust that process.

I came across this quote and I think it says it all for me this week. Maybe if I take some time to be with nature this week, step away and come back it will give me a rewed spirit and her secret of patience will come visit me as I press on with my new learning.  Do you ever get frustrated learning something new? What do you do to push through the hard process?  Take time away and come back? Push on, although frustrated? Find help? Read a book? Take a class? Or a combination there of?

Journal Prompt: Create a journal page about your stretching, growth process with your creativity. The feelings you have about it and things that may help you with it. 

Quote: Adopt to the secret of nature: her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Food for thought:
If you have an i tunes there are quite a few pod casts on art and creativity for free at the i tunes store. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Painting Video & You Tube Channel

Hello Dear Readers, Honestly I have been wanting to do a video for ever! I was gifted a Kodak play/sport which means I can make videos now! And that I did. So I created a You Tube Channel and the link is on my side bar for future visits! I hope you can visit and subscribe to my channel. I will be creating more videos.

My first Video is of me working on my gnomes painting

I want to learn an editing program and need to find a simple one. The one I borrowed was pretty complex and I was literally ready to pull my hair out by the end of the night. I also found out I need to have a good stash of music files.

So when you view this please know it was made from a 17 min. video down to 3min. Music was added that I had. It took an entire day, including creating my channel! What a learning experience. Next time I am sure it will be much easier! So If you like it ; Please leave me a comment, subscribe and give it a thumbs up and spur me on to create some more videos for you to enjoy! Maybe even a tutorial will pop up down the road......

I will post the final painting when done so you can have a better look! PS. Let me know if you have a You Tube Channel!  Have you made an art video? What is your favorite editing program ?

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations our possibilities become limitless. James Paolinetti

Here is what I used:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Organizing & Newsletter News

Sometimes there is nothing worse than having a repair person come and all you have been doing is creating art or things for my daughter's upcoming wedding. So this morning I spent my morning just straightening up and cleaning where they would be working. "Sigh" Well at least the television area is all cleaned now and you can see the top of my dining table. All is swept and mopped.  So many projects so little time? Only partially true.
 Now this is what I call organized!

Part of it has to do with organization. I know it can't be perfect all the time, but I must find a way to take some time to organize and have things more efficient! Often sharing a computer area isn't easy. I need to organize a desk / office space for being ready to move forward with my Etsy shop. Something like this may just be the solution.

Then I need to set up my paperwork for tracking expenses for supplies, purchases and other taxable information so when I open up shop at year end I am not scrambling. Yes, anyone with a little shop knows what I am talking about!

I just came across this website that has some helpful articles on starting a small business, tax provisions and other information from the IRS.

Are you signed up for my newsletter?

Today I made a decision to make my newsletter life more organized. I decided to use a host for the first time. I had been running my little newsletter myself, collecting emails via sign up and managing it all. It has gotten to the point where it was so time consuming and  I wasn't staying on track. Feeling guilty of not being able to just put something nice together without worrying about doing the rest I was getting in my own way. So I stepped outside of my box while the repairman was here and got my new host! My new newsletter sign up is on the side bar. Thank you MailChimp for making my life easier! I am excited to create lovely newsletters, with creative goodness. I hope you sign up. They will  stay bi-monthly for now and I am going to have a new one coming out soon! * sorry for the delay subscribers, I just sent you information on our new host, watch for it in your in box today!!

Do you have favorite resources when it comes to your art / craft business?  What is a tip you could pass along if you have experience opening up a shop?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Self Portraits & Journal Prompt

This week Inspiration Alley had the prompt to do self portraits. I decided to play along. I think it would be a great journal prompt too so I decided to post it today as both coincide. First to create my self portrait I really had to capture the essence of who I am even if it is not exactly how I look.

Completed Self Portrait

I wrote an entire page about my self, how I feel about my self, what I stand for, my strengths and insecurities trying to capture the essence of me. Then I decided to start to create me on the page.
The intent of a self portrait is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person. *

Once I started painting I was able to convey the passionate side of me and the blue side of me by the use of color. I used collage tissue paper almost like a jig saw puzzle  to represent the many pieces of me. To finish it off I chose to highlight the focus on me and blend the background by use of paints and inks. I would not be me without my paintbrush. I also chose to leave readable the most vivid parts of my daily life on a tag around the neck. Only because society loves to label people.

I hope you use the journal prompt to write about yourself and explore creating a self portrait. For more inspiration visit Inspiration Alley to see what other artist's created.

Here is a collage of the process.
To read more about self portraits and see some examples and history visit Wikipedia.
I also came across this great article with 4 tips to Mastering Self Portraits at  which I linked directly to the article. I found it after I did mine, but tip #4 suggests making a self portrait more than once and doing it differently. They have some great tips for creating self portraits.
Have you created a self portrait?  

Click to enlarge
 I took a photographic self portrait too
I am never without my camera

Journal Prompt: To write about yourself and create a self portrait.

Quote: A portrait, to be a work of art, neither must nor may resemble the sitter... one must paint its atmosphere. Umberto Boccioni 

Food For Thought: