Saturday, February 12, 2011

Free Journal Prompt "Aura"

An aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object.

I created a journal page after thinking about my youngest daughter and how she is as a person and seeing what her aura radiates. She is not very girl y, always when she was little was in pretty dresses yet played in the garden collecting bugs and digging. Now she wears jeans and tee shirts and is kind of a tom boy. As she grows I she her personality and who she is developing and when I look at her her aura is pink. Her aura is pink due to the fact that she radiates compassion, love and the sweetness of a child growing into a caring person. She is wise beyond her years and shows in many ways. So this journal page isn't about looking like her but the feeling I get when I am looking at her aura.

 Maybe her aura has many meanings. So I set out to learn a little more when I came across this explaining some of the Aura Color meanings. You have to scroll down landing page for the meanings but they are written out very well if you are interested in reading about it drop by here for Aura Color Meanings. If you are interested in learning more there are many readings on it on the web.

Here is an article of how to see Auras the article also explains the color meanings again with a body chart.
Have you ever been interested in auras? Do you notice that many religious images that have been painted have had auras in them?  

Journal Prompt: Aura

Quote: The Aura given out of the person or object is just as much of them as their flesh. Lucian Freud 

Food For Thought:

"Furry" Friend and Studio Cat

This is our family kitty Jade and a portrait I took of her last year.
She likes to help me craft.
How much did you say you need?
OK got it, let me hold it for you while you cut it.
We did a great scrapbook page.
Whew I am ready for a nap now!
Ready for action again says our furry friend Jade. I hope you had fun meeting her.
Furry friend, Family Pet, Studio Cat

This week I have played along with Inspiration Avenue's prompt Furry. So I thought you might like to meet Jade aka my studio cat, but don't tell Sammie that! Really Jade thinks Sammie is her mom and when she gets home from school I have to loan her out. Jade is so attached to her that she cries when she goes to play with her friends. She is a sweet heart. I never thought I would like an indoor cat. I had had farm cats way back when we lived out of town. But she has really grown to make us rethink what a cat and furry creature can mean to someone. Maybe I will take the time to paint her some day or have my brother who does animal portraits do one for me. He is an amazing artist, but that is a post for another day! PS. If you didn't know it I share my crafts on my other blog Msartist Sew Crafty.blogspot
Do you have any pets? How much joy do they bring you? Have you ever done an animal portrait?