Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dreams Nurtured Grow "Before & After

You might remember me sharing the beginnings of this painting in a previous post.

Here is another of the work in progress~

Here is Dreams Nurtured Grow, done. I have to take it outside to get a photograph where the sides aren't cut off there is more detailing on the left side that you can't see in this image.
On the bottom of the painting it says, She planted the seeds of her dreams. For me I love her hair as if the wind is blowing it ~ I think I lost a little of that in the final painting though with the flower added in. I truly enjoyed using all the bright colors on this painting. It is acrylic on canvas. So today it is back to the drawing board and as the affirmation says below I will be dreaming with powerful intention and see where it leads me.
What dreams are you nurturing? Are you starting to see them grow?

Here are a few affirmations I came across via Johnathon Lockwood :
 I Dream with Powerful Intention.
I Visualize my Intention.
I Am Open to Inspiration.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams~ Eleanore Roosevelt