Friday, October 7, 2011

Spring Journal Page & Art Supply Discount

I wanted to share my spring journal page with you today & a special discount later in the post. This is not my favorite in the series for my "Seasons" journal pages, but there are aspects of it I love. The mountains with snow left on the caps, the movement, the colors and the added textural layers that I played with.

What I didn't like is she is not a pretty girl, lol she is almost cartoon like, but hey they can't all be pretty girls. Although if I want all pretty girls for the series I might have to try and do another spring. Or leave it at that. I actually made a video of  painting this one but was having problems with the program. But I will upload it when it is all done. If you are like me I love watching people paint. Sometimes you can catch things that help you that words couldn't express.Here is another that you can click and see larger if you like, to see some of the detailing. I have also uploaded them on Flickr.

I'll be linking up to Paint Party Friday! Come party with us if you like. Link is in resources and wanted to share a discount link with you!

Have you been painting lately or sketching? Maybe this will help you get the supplies you need!

My sponsor Dick Blick is offering a special discount right now to my readers! Too many good deals not to share them! I hope you see something you need at a great price. Some of the things that I love about Dick Blick is they are super friendly if there is a problem (which is never accept when I enter in the wrong quantity or forget a discount code * they help adjust orders ;) , helpful and orders arrive fast! Who doesn't love a box full of art goodies to play with?

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