Friday, August 12, 2011

Able to Post Again.... Hello Dear Friends

This is how I feel about all you creative dears who have stayed with me; (sorry to say I lost a few due to the Blogger crash situation and being unable to post until now)
You are creative friends for life!

Has Blogger finally gotten this fixed so I can at least post a little until my new site is up? Lets see how far I can get and get you caught back up to what I am up to.*still no access to dashboard!

These  past few weeks have been filled with a test web site / blog. I moved my craft blog now off Blogger and am off to a good start on a self hosted domaine. All you crafty, creative & those loving inspired living drop by for some inspiration & join up!  is where I have been posting since the blogger crash once I had it up and running.

Cell phone pic while driving over the Golden Gate Bridge 
on way home from Lake Tahoe
via the scenic route
* Blogger isn't letting me upload mulitple pics via computer yet :(

Now I have the task of creating a new site for this blog and all the details of that. Since I now know I can do a lot of it on my own (thanks to doing my craft site first). Yes, I am still going to move platforms. After this experience I can't see any other options. I will keep you posted with all that. It is a bit down the road before all is said and done. I have lots of things I need to plan for the process. It is never a small feat to deal with all that when not trained in html.

A little travel A lot of photography! Can't wait to share!

Creatively this summer I have been off and on again with  art and projects. I have done some photo editing, lots of photography, sewing,  a little journal page here and there..... and of course some travel. I loved our trip to Lake Tahoe and have many photographs to share later.

I am hoping for one weekend trip and maybe a visit to see the older kids prior to Sammie's back to school which is right around the corner. I never write this much, please forgive me. I just feel like I am catching up with you dear friends and can't wait to get back to visiting too!

Until next time with photography, a journal page or art which I will be sharing, fingers crossed Blogger stays on the good side of me. & I will now post to the forums about the photo upload issues! & hope it gets fixed.
How have all of you been? What have you been up to? Creating...Travel....Reading....Photography? Do catch me up!! xo Theresa