Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother Earth & Pledge To Our Environment

I finished my mother nature painting and I decided to make a pledge for future generations. So I digitally journaled on my painting a pledge; To care for our earth and think about the daily changes I  can do to ensure she is here for future generations.
  Original Painting

My Pledge 
I will always do my part to keep you healthy for future generations.

You can help our planet too!
From the simple everyday things such as recycling, using cloth napkins, using cloth bags for grocery shopping, composting, planting trees & plants and more .......

Thank you Mother Earth for all you do for us! 
& if you are interested I shared wip photos in previous posts.

Here is a small round-up of some articles, tips, pdfs:

pdf - 100 ways to save the environment -article

10 things you can do to save the earth- article 

Zoom Action Help The Environment - PBS Kids-article 


who I partner with

The best for last a list of Environmental Organizations from around the world!  - Wikipedia

I hope you take the time to think about, make changes, join organizations, help in the community and help in your everyday life while caring for our planet and Mother Nature. 

Look deep into nature, and  then you will  understand everything better. Albert Einstein 

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What are a few of your favorite tips for helping our planet?