Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simply Sunday Free Journal Prompt

In this shot I had the focus on the heart of the flower, her petals that were about to open and reach out to our world~

I was visiting a friend Jackie's blog yesterday. She had asked the question when is an artist an "artist"? It is quite a lovely post. I had many thoughts swirling around my head as I read this article, but I had to think of when do I really feel like an artist!? What makes an artist an "artist"?

For me I think an artist is when an "artist" or for myself I am totally immersed in my work. It is almost like the "artist" or I am getting ideas, energy and guidance to help me in the act of
creating. Being right in that moment, feeling the paint, creating with the flow.
Just being in the moment~ For me that is when I think an artist is an "artist" or when I am an "artist"

I try not to compare myself to "real" artists if I did I would never grow into the artist I am~ Theresa Huse

So today's journal prompt is for you to "focus on things that matter."
You could just sit down, create and be in the moment. Or you could make a list of things that matter to you that you want to focus on. You might even just focus on sharing time with a loved one. Or spending more focused time with your child. What ever you decide to do today think about it for a moment and focus on things that matter to you~
I hope you can keep your Sunday simple and enjoy all it holds for you!

Ps Congrats Jackie on focusing on you and things that matter to you by taking a new art class! Spread your wings ~