Monday, September 28, 2009

In My Garden on Canvas

In My Garden~
Details of flowers in the garden

The gazebo~

Details of Angels face
I took a class from Monica Zuniga at Hands and Hearts ning web site. Her video's and work are quite amazing. This is my take on what she was teaching. I love incorporating new facets and techniques to my work. It challenges me to stretch when you work at making something your own from the teachings of someone with such talent. I am tempted to wax this painting to continue the dreamy affect for the finish, but I haven't decided for sure what finish I will use. When my mom was alive she gave me a book "Affirmations For Artists" by Eric Maisel. I dedicate this painting to her memory~ As one of the things she wrote in the cover to me was to keep using your talent~If she were here now I would thank her for believing in my dreams and aspirations ~ "I paint not by sight but by faith" Amos Ferguson