Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plans, Projects, Art & Song

Tuesday already! Where are the days going? Passing too quickly as I work on projects, plans and art.

 I wish I could hold certain  days in my hand forever

I just came across this song and singer Mindy Gledhill I love her voice and  this song. A reminder,  I have to remember that no matter what I wish for, no matter if I have to climb, it is about the journey. Life and art are one in the same that way to me. It is always the journey isn't it? Making the most of special moments and even the simple moments. Like dipping your brush in paint and touching the canvas. I hope you enjoy this music video & my message after it~ 

If I had a hundred wishes I would give them all to you~ 

Now I hope you go and take a chance! Live your crazy dream~

 I'll be back later in the week with my color inspiration & more art. I've been working on my great big plans, making wishes & following my heart.  

What big plans do you have today?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother Earth & Pledge To Our Environment

I finished my mother nature painting and I decided to make a pledge for future generations. So I digitally journaled on my painting a pledge; To care for our earth and think about the daily changes I  can do to ensure she is here for future generations.
  Original Painting

My Pledge 
I will always do my part to keep you healthy for future generations.

You can help our planet too!
From the simple everyday things such as recycling, using cloth napkins, using cloth bags for grocery shopping, composting, planting trees & plants and more .......

Thank you Mother Earth for all you do for us! 
& if you are interested I shared wip photos in previous posts.

Here is a small round-up of some articles, tips, pdfs:

pdf - 100 ways to save the environment -article

10 things you can do to save the earth- article 

Zoom Action Help The Environment - PBS Kids-article 


who I partner with

The best for last a list of Environmental Organizations from around the world!  - Wikipedia

I hope you take the time to think about, make changes, join organizations, help in the community and help in your everyday life while caring for our planet and Mother Nature. 

Look deep into nature, and  then you will  understand everything better. Albert Einstein 

PS. if you are interested in seeing other people's art today check out Paint Party Friday the linky is in resources! & don't forget to follow along with GFC. I would love to see you here & visit your blog too. 
Leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by. See you soon~

What are a few of your favorite tips for helping our planet?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Artwork In Progress, Photography, The Waves of Change

Two days left on the count down to the kiddo going back to school. How this summer flown by! I thought I would share another  couple of shots of my painting in progress and our goodbye to summer photo.

 Ok, maybe your thinking this is.....but the thing about painting what you feel is it morphs the ideas you had on canvas or in this case paper.

And  morphs it some more so you can see changes happening and like the wind you never know what direction it is going to go. Although now I can see more of the nature theme coming about here and off to finish this up in the few days ahead and get some photos taken so I can share some more!

This week I will be pushing myself to get back to a routine of more regular painting ( starting Wed. when Sammie is back to school) and I have even started a new to do list. Big challenges, leaps of faith and things on the drawing board. I am attempting a few things I have wanted to do for some time. Please have positive thoughts for me and even prayers will be accepted gratefully as I answer to my callings.

click images to see larger

Sorry no journal post this weekend. I hope to get back on track to inspire your pages again this fall. Sorry for failing this summer between the Blogger crash and other things. I will keep you posted when it going regular again. This past weekend was: A large dose of migraine, a helping of back to school and nothing getting accomplished. I hope yours was more fun than mine and the week ahead full of accomplishments, creativity, happiness and good health.

You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C. S. Lewis

Have you given yourself some new creative goals or challenges to enter into? I would love to hear~

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mother Nature

Hello, I finally have  some beginnings of art to show you.  I thought I would practice a little on some faces and then inspired from my trip to Tahoe I just added in some nature elements. Yes, I am a nature lover! When I was a teen I wanted to work with various organizations, I was very passionate. Then life takes you on different journeys but I always like paying homage to my love of nature via my art.

This is just a pencil sketch with humble beginnings with my thoughts.

I love layering, gesso and painting and although I may start out with a sketch I always seem to travel on.

Thus the morphing continues. She is made with scrapbook  papers, pencil, color pencil, acrylic paint, gesso, matte medium on Canson mixed medium paper. I am longing for a trip to the beach, it has been intensely hot inland and I am a coastal girl at heart. I need breezes, cool air, pine trees and the ocean, destination Cambria. So I hope we make our way there this weekend prior to Sammie's start of school! I promise some photography from the coast and sharing mother nature when she is done!

What are your favorite places of nature?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall Colors

Most designers for fashion and home are working on seasons ahead. Watching trends, setting trends and creating our newest colors. I love seeing all the fall colors it is always been one of my favorite seasons. So I couldn't resist doing a little fall color inspiration today.

Photography by AehoHikaruki

The reason I chose this photograph was it had almost all the colors of fall minus deep plum and silver. Maybe I will do those next week. What you will find this fall is Taupe s, Yellow Mustard s and Dark Teal. I think this may be my favorite fall color palette, ever. That is big as I love color! 

Click above image to Enlarge to see full view

I called this pattern I made Fall In Paris. I just knew I loved it when I saw it! Maybe fabric for window curtains or a bag who knows. Or maybe just printed and framed on a wall. 

So when it comes to color it can affect our choices from fashion, home decor and  new paint colors as they pop up and its always good to see what is new, even if you are late looking!  I haven't been shopping this fall but when I spotted this outfit I was in love! I hope you are enjoying fall colors as much as I am. 
PS: If you would like to see and download  a copy of the color fashion report for fall visit Pantone.

What is your favorite fall color this season? I'd love to know. 

Do the seasons affect your paint color choices when creating?  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Travels In Tahoe CA

Hello, I thought I would share a few photos from one of our jaunts while in Lake Tahoe. We drove about 40 minutes from South LakeTahoe to near the Nevada line and hiked down to Chimney Beach.

This is one of the views we saw on our hike down.

The hike didn't seem very long going down, but with the altitude difference coming back after a long day at the beach and playing round was the opposite. We paced ourselves pretty well but the last climb up was very steep, although you can't tell from this image. I can't wait to share more nature goodness with you!

This photo collage opens bigger, if you'd like to see it up close. Yes, this July there was still plenty of snow on the higher elevations.

It was amazing  to be on the beach with all the views. With it being warm out and snow on the mountains was spectacular. The water was extremely cold and high this year. I was suprised to see sea gulls at such a high elevation and so far from the coast. I wish I could of captured all the birds I saw on photos. I did manage to capture a few more to share later. 

PS. I can't believe we are on our last ten days of vacation. I have a few more things on the list and hope we can squeeze them in! I hope to have some artsy stuff to share with you soon! xo Theresa

Have you managed to get a little travel in lately? What have you been up to? I'd love to know!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Flowers

Happy weekend to you! I thought I would share a little photo editing I did. I took a photograph of this lovely yellow flower I saw. The first photo is with the flower unaltered.

The second image I softened the focal and focused on the center of the flower and added a texture overlay.

I used the textures on Picnik this time. I put the photo and text in my frame on my Photo Shop.

I thought I would post this here in case you didn't visit my other site. I love summer for the lazy mornings Sammie and I get to have together. I can't believe fall is right around the corner! Can you?
What things will you miss about summer?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Able to Post Again.... Hello Dear Friends

This is how I feel about all you creative dears who have stayed with me; (sorry to say I lost a few due to the Blogger crash situation and being unable to post until now)
You are creative friends for life!

Has Blogger finally gotten this fixed so I can at least post a little until my new site is up? Lets see how far I can get and get you caught back up to what I am up to.*still no access to dashboard!

These  past few weeks have been filled with a test web site / blog. I moved my craft blog now off Blogger and am off to a good start on a self hosted domaine. All you crafty, creative & those loving inspired living drop by for some inspiration & join up! DearCreatives.com  is where I have been posting since the blogger crash once I had it up and running.

Cell phone pic while driving over the Golden Gate Bridge 
on way home from Lake Tahoe
via the scenic route
* Blogger isn't letting me upload mulitple pics via computer yet :(

Now I have the task of creating a new site for this blog and all the details of that. Since I now know I can do a lot of it on my own (thanks to doing my craft site first). Yes, I am still going to move platforms. After this experience I can't see any other options. I will keep you posted with all that. It is a bit down the road before all is said and done. I have lots of things I need to plan for the process. It is never a small feat to deal with all that when not trained in html.

A little travel A lot of photography! Can't wait to share!

Creatively this summer I have been off and on again with  art and projects. I have done some photo editing, lots of photography, sewing,  a little journal page here and there..... and of course some travel. I loved our trip to Lake Tahoe and have many photographs to share later.

I am hoping for one weekend trip and maybe a visit to see the older kids prior to Sammie's back to school which is right around the corner. I never write this much, please forgive me. I just feel like I am catching up with you dear friends and can't wait to get back to visiting too!

Until next time with photography, a journal page or art which I will be sharing, fingers crossed Blogger stays on the good side of me. & I will now post to the forums about the photo upload issues! & hope it gets fixed.
How have all of you been? What have you been up to? Creating...Travel....Reading....Photography? Do catch me up!! xo Theresa