Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cherry Blossoms Photography

It has been gloomy, pouring rain and down right cold. But I managed to take my camera outside on this very crisp day just before the rain and take some photographs of my neighbors blooming cherry tree. The blossoms are big and beautiful. I used a bokeh of hearts in the back ground and a vintage tint to add a slightly aged  effect, then added the words spring love.

In this photograph I just added text. The beauty of the pink against the blue and the dark branches are a sight to behold.

This is the same image as the first only no tint to make it look aged.

 This is towards the base of the tree. She just wants to bloom and to grow even by where she was once pruned. I love the pinks against the gray of the fence and the bark of the tree.

I have more photographs to share with you another day! I also worked on a journal page but not sure if I am  happy with it. I have painted three things that aren't sitting well with me. Maybe I should clean up my table space and it will help me see clearer or maybe my creative juices are needing some sunshine. Either way today I will be straightening up and then painting. lol    
Do you ever just keep working on projects until you just run out of room? What's on your creative agenda today?
Loveliest of trees,  the cherry now / is hung with bloom along the bough. A.E.Housman