Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Color Inspiration " Spring Relaxed " & "Sweet Hummingbird"

I thought I would share a little color inspiration today. The cold snap has me dreaming of sitting  on the lawn relaxing on a spring day. The buttercup of the skirt, the Bing cherry color of the slip on shoes, blue jeans and grass. A pallet of colors I could paint with easily.  Another image that is giving me color inspiration is my hummingbird photograph. I can't wait to see more arrive with the milder climate.The lilacs and greens in pretty hues. When looking for paints I often go to the store and the one locally doesn't carry all I am looking for by far. So when searching online I found a Golden's Color Chart I think would help anyone choosing colors online. But I will still have to mix my own colors to get what I am aiming for. I also came across a Folk Art Color Chart Chart which seems to have the perfect shades of yellow, green and baby pink! I will be searching for the perfect shades of lilac and green too.  Dear Hubby,  I know I have lots of paints but my pallet requires more options. Please don't be alarmed if I add to my stash! xo Theresa
When the seasons change do you chose different paint palettes? What color is inspiring you lately?