Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art Quilt Block

This is going to be a quick post. I have been trying all night to get into Blogger to share my art quilt block with you.

This is created with the paper fabric I made on muslin. Washes of paint are actually done over the papers that are glued to the muslin. When making the paper fabric you use scraps of papers, tissues, fabrics, string, twine or whatever you have on hand. * I don't know if you know that post? I'll try and find it and link it later. Then added fabrics, quilting and some other elements to it. The quilt block size is 14" x 14".

These  photo collages will go close up and  larger if you click on each. 
You'll be able  to see the free motion stitching I used. 

You might be able to see on the first image where their is a direction line in the center that I sewed listen closely referring to your dreams. I have some other fabric paper I made and hope to make a few more. I am not sure if I will piece a few together or hang them individually due to their size. I may make smaller 6" x 6" blocks to piece together as an art quilt later.

Here it is the next day and I am adding the pictures and finishing writing all this, crossing my fingers it will post. Is anyone else still having problems?

I'll be linking this up to Paint Party Friday to share what I have been up to this week. In my resources is the linky if you want to see what all the creative artists are painting up and you can find out more about it via their site.

Have you ever made your own paper fabric? Painted on fabric? or make an art quilt block or quilt? 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Color & Photography

Today I just wanted to share a quick color, pattern post and a photograph I took in the late spring of apple blossoms. I forgot I took it and when I was looking for images for my color inspiration I came across this in my photo files. (how those files need organizing!)

I wish I lived on a small farm with a field full of apple trees. Someday maybe, I can wish~ Right?

Soft whites pinks and greens make a wonderful pallet from apple blossoms~


Not only does it make for great color inspiration but pattern inspiration. I could spend lots of time making patterns over at Colourlovers with no thoughts of all the other things I need to do around me. 

Over the next few days the weather is suppose to be milder until the weekend and then it heats up again. Oh, how I miss spring already! I am not ready for the July/August heat. 

One cool thing that I have to tell you about is iTunes 31 Nights of Live Music * for Free. You will be able to see all the music headliners for free in real time or later on your computer... Just follow the link to learn more about it! How cool is that? And I have some new projects to share later in the week. 

What are you up to this summer? What is your favorite band?

 Starting July 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Journal Prompt " Love Note"

When I took the photograph of my journal page "Love Note" the sun just happened to hit the moon and shined upward. Honestly, when things like that happen, I just have to smile!

I made myself a love note in my journal page. I have found over the past few years my focus has not been on the business side of my art. I have focused on growing artistically and I have put others needs first. Squeezing in my art here and there. Now, I really feel a need to focus on many aspects of my art life that has been taking a backseat. My focus needs to be creating my art life with planning, dreaming and creating opportunities and seeing my vision (s) and bringing them to life.

Whether it is putting myself out there more, applying for submissions, trying to get into shows or fairs, writing, creating a piece of artwork, getting artwork published or what ever my desires are,  I know you have to ask for them. At different times I have done some of these and had some success (s) and some disappointments but I must not give up on my dreams and goals.

I am always reading about succeeding with goals and different ways to achieve them. Dreaming those ideas, creating those plans and putting them into action. I have had several goals over the past year. Some put on hold by necessity, some by fear, some by needing to help others. Now I find in the quite of my space that I need to give some attention to those desires and not just ask for it, but nurture it to fruition. Like the journal page I created here.


When I made this page I had a plan for something entirely different I had created a flower and it made me think of growing so I charcoal penciled in a girl and some thoughts. Then I felt it didn't flow just right so I began to paint her in, I also wrote thoughts all down her dress.

When I think of asking for things I have a way of looking to the universe, a power greater than I that I can reach out to. To represent that, I painted / created the mountains and night sky. All of a sudden in the journal page its vibrancy wasn't there so I added inks.

I arrived at the place where I knew the page was ready. Ready like I am now personally to really focus on  what I am wanting and the love and nurturing  that it will take me to bring my desires to fruition.(& work that it will take to get me there!)

Have you ever come to the point where you really have to work at nurturing those dreams into reality by pushing your faith in yourself and your artwork?  What big leaps of faith have you taken?

Journal Prompt: Create a page with a love note to yourself. A reminder of those things you wish to nurture and see come to fruition. 

Quote: All that we are is a result of what we thought. Buddha

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. Nora Roberts

Food for Thought: 
Using Inks in your journal pages I used Adirondack ink by Tim Holtz. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art Bag

 Artsy, Crafty, Re-cycled fabrics, my own pattern &  Art Bag Creation.

Remember when I mentioned all those art bags & posted about all the wonderful inspiration? Well I haven't been in the painting mood lately, but I printed out something I painted onto muslin and created an art bag / purse using felt, burlap and fabric scraps I had laying around. I used some decorative machine embroidery. Although far from perfect my daughter Sammie fell in love with it. She asked me to make the straps so she could wear it from shoulder to hip. I thought I would share the results and a few steps I am going to take to make it better next time.

If you have ever printed something from your computer you will notice how sometimes the colors just don't match the image. That is just what happened here. It was pretty light on the muslin that I printed it on. But I used permanent felt tip markers to draw in shapes and color it up. I need to fix color prior to printing!

Well, you know how I hate to stop even where there are mistakes. I decided since I started and this was kind of like a pro to type any way to finish what I started instead of scrapping it. I love figuring out how to create patterns on my own. This image shared is the back where underneath the front flap is sewn in and connected.

Another thing I will change when I create my next one is the strap material. For this I didn't want to go out and purchase anything. I wanted to use felt I had, burlap from a recycled coffee sack, woven burlap scraps I had from the wedding table runner we made, and for the straps I had these great silk pants that were ripped which I cut and created them from. Added a vintage button from one of the grandma's stash & ta da.....

A happy girl modeling her new art bag with gnomes. I promise to share  my next one with you when I make it! & I hope I can even try painting directly on fabric when I get unstuck from my painting slump! Here is the acrylic painting completed which the art bag was made from.

 If you'd like to see my post about the art bag inspiration just click here. Also visit here to see the original post of the gnomes acrylic painting  and if like you can visit my link on the side bar where I have video of  how I finished the painting on You Tube.
Have you ever tried creating and sewing an art bag?  What art or crafts inspiring you right now? 

If you have never sewn a bag & need a pattern and instruction this might be something you would like. Amy Butler's Style Stitches.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Color Inspiration " Pomegranates In Bloom"

 Today I thought I would share with you my favorite flowering bush of the season where I live. It feels so tropical when these bushes bloom, but they are not tropical they are native to the Iranian Plateau and the Himalayas in north Pakistan and Northern India. They are vibrant with color, yet feel so cool in the heat of the day. I could look at them for hours due to the ever changing blooms which then turn into pomegranates.

These flowers start from a round bud that is hard like the shell of the pomegranate.

 Then they burst open like a star exposing their soft vibrant orange petals. 

When they are at full bloom you can see the centers and their bright yellow stamens just bursting with pollen which the bees and birds love! There is nothing like finding a humming bird feeding on these beautiful flowers if only I could capture a photograph of that!

The history and lore around the Pomegranate flower and fruit is quite fascinating. Here is an amazing illustration of the  plant. If you want to find out more about this plant and its history visit Wikipedia.

  Theresa Huse 2010

I am inspired to draw and paint some more pomegranate flowers and later when the fruit comes I would like to try and illustrate the fruit also. I am sharing two links to prior posts you might also enjoy with pomegranate's painted by me, and one has a journal prompt.

Since I missed giving you a journal prompt since it was Father's Day about about revisiting this journal prompt page where I illustrated pomegranate flowers as an example of a page you can create for yourself & with a prompt. 

Also you might remember from a previous post an Exotic Woman Acrylic Painting I created with pomegranate flowers in her hair. If not you can see it here.

Here is part of a passage from the Bible I am not sure from where, it might be Exodus if anyone knows I would love to find out.
I went down into the garden of nuts to see the fruits of the valley, and to see whether the vine flourished and pomegranates budded.

What flowers inspire your creativity? Are their colors vibrant? soft?  I would love to know~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Plans

When Sammie got out of school I asked her how she felt and this was her answer. Jumping for joy. I can't say she is loving the laziness of summer as much as I am but we both agree we are ready for planning some activities and travels. So she is jumping for joy again since we have decided on a few summer plans!


Day trips to any of these are fine by us! The beach, a castle and aquarium. Then a museum *or two, zoo and botanical garden trip in San Francisco would be wonderful to check off this summer! 

The beauty of the vineyards, mountains and being near the Russian River. I think a raft or canoe trip down is on the plan & we'll have the luxury of visiting family in the area. Hanging out, barbecues, horse shoes, and a little shopping and a lot of catching up. 
Another family trip to visit my brother & his family in South Lake Tahoe, CA. We always make a trip or two to the beach for kayaking. Plenty of outdoor activities and this year we get to see his new addition to his home an art studio! I am jealous? hm... I'll try not to be!!  & hope we get to play with paints. We also love to get out the telescopes and view the stars and planets there are no city lights which make it amazing!  

Lots of hiking in Tahoe and when back around our coast line. That should be fun! I'll bring my camera and snap wild flowers and nature. I promise to share.

There will be plenty of swimming when the pool opens here in a week & where ever we find water! No fancy trips, but summer plans that will take us here and there. Visits with family long over due. Lots of outdoor and fun activities! Swim lessons too. And of course a bit of art in between it all~ 

What are your summer plans? Are you finding time to create art around them?


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Color From My Garden

Have you ever watched a flower blossom? It is so fascinating to me, this isn't time lapsed photography I actually watched it unfold in a matter of half an hour or so. I just checking back and shooting photos.

This is one of the color palettes and designs I came up with from the photography of these daisy s. There are spots of orange, pollen in the center. Nature is so  beautiful! The colors and patterns nature gives us captivates me and inspires me so.

Colour Lovers is going to be expanding their studio with software you can import and use your own shapes, images and more. I can't wait. I am so wanting to create some of my own patterns and then make fabric and paper from them. But for now, Sammie is calling me every 5 minutes. I need to get a plan so I can work in between entertaining, taking her to the pool and what ever else comes up.

H mm, I forgot how challenging summer can be without a plan. So off to hang out the laundry on the line, while making a mental plan of summer and  to watch her play. Maybe I will find a butterfly in my garden while looking at flowers like this lady in the pattern. Or something to inspire a new painting to work on.Wouldn't that be nice~

What summer plans of art or travel do you have? What colors are inspiring you today?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Journal Prompt " Be Kind To Yourself "

Journal Page and Prompt Be Kind To Yourself. Listen, calm yourself, reflect and  accept peace within. This is what I am reflecting on today as I look back at a overwhelming past week and mishap from yesterday.

Hello Journalers and friends, I wasn't sure if I would be able to get a post out today. I usually try and publish the journal prompts Saturday evenings but yesterday was busy and hadn't written a post in advance. We were working on the yard, kids coming and going....Then all of a sudden Sammie was brought home injured. She had a terrible fall over at the neighbors. A gash in in arm from just below the arm pit to wrist area and scraps all on the upper inside arm from tree branches and rocks due to the fall. She is lucky not to have broken anything, nor did she need stitches!! To see your child bleeding, crying and in pain is very difficult, but out came the nurse in me, calm, taking her inside to clean her up and add the necessary treatments.
Then of course what else would make a little one feel better? How about a movie and popcorn to take the mind away from the pain and of course lots of attention, ice and compassion from mom. Whew! Under control!!

I have to admit this past week I didn't paint not even once. But I remembered this page I made I don't think I shared. Be kind to self! Perfect I thought, I can still give you a journal prompt. The prompt really it goes wonderfully to what my week was like and reminding myself to be calm and loving to myself even when I don't reach my personal art.... goals.

Sometimes life takes you away from your passions a bit, that is ok and we need to be calm about the detours. Honestly I feel like I get a little edgy when I don't get to create a page or have some creativity going on but the bottom line is, I still need to be calm and kind with myself. I know this summer has so many detours in it, but I will try and let you know when I am taking a trip, having to help family, or just sidelined or haven't had time to create art or journal.

On another note about self and loving one's self. I started Weight Watchers since a friend of my daughter's joined and was loving it and losing weight. They were having a special and decided to join. I love how it helps you be accountable to your self in a good way! {points, tracking, weigh in, community, using your own food choices and helping you make better choices} I know not every week will be easy, but I lost 3.2 pounds this first week The good in that is I have reached one of my goals this week, in a big way and starting on better health!

Do you ever have weeks where you can't get a chance to create your art? Have you ever had to challenge yourself to love certain aspects of your life or self? Have you ever had to try something else to help you with your weight?

Journal Prompt: Be Kind To Yourself;
I hope you are able to create a journal page about being kind to yourself, loving yourself or calming those voices of negativity from within. Use stamps if you wish, write yourself a note, give yourself a reminder and mostly reinforce loving yourself!

Quote: If I am not for myself, who will be? Pirke Avoth

Food For Thought: Leather Journal with embossed heart

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Color Inspiration & Weighty Matters

Today I thought we'd get crafty and creative with our color inspiration, first up; Who doesn't love a good old fashion milk glass vase, plate or candy dish? At the price of vintage milk glass when I saw this I was swooning and new this was exactly what I wanted to do with my recycled pretty glass jars I had been hanging on to. The link under the image will take you to the well put together video tutorial. It is so worth viewing, that is if you love milk glass.

Milk Glass Tutorial from Vaughn Mills Presents House and Home H&H TV. *latex paint

While we are on the subject of color and pretty things I have a little confession to tell you. Yes, I have decided for my own health I will not be eating things as pretty as these! But there is no law looking at them while I am on my journey to better health! Right? Oh unless it drives me to eating them, covering my eyes as I write this!! New mantra " I will have will power! "

Now, this is a color combo I would love to be able to pull off when I drop the (**) lbs! Too much sitting all winter, a new carpool lane where you don't walk the kiddo into the school and have to park a million miles away, sitting while blogging, sitting while creating art....Well you get the picture! No I am not blue about it, nor am I seeing just red about it. I am going to do something about it! And ensure I get walking to start! So if occasionally I slip in a post of how I am feeling about it all, well I hope you do understand.

How do you stay active and healthy while your focus is on your creativity? I would love to know! Toss me your best tips why don't you.

I have to say the magazine is a deal! Two years with no auto renewal!  I have  a few old copies and would love to get a new subscription. I have to say I loved the recipes and articles. This might just help keep me on track!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Journal " Shes Singing The Blues"

Well its raining here again which is a little unusual for this time of year, but I am sure the garden is loving it. I created two journal  pages to share with you along with a prompt for this week to help you along with your journaling. I must admit also that I didn't do a lot of visiting this week and only two days of painting. I was a bit under the weather ironically, with migraines and just feeling drained. I hope to be up and around the web visiting, painting and even starting some sewing projects inspired from the "Art Bags" post I created!

 This journal page was inspired by wishing I could play the guitar and sing. Sometimes I feel left out musically in my house. The Mr. plays drums, guitar, base and piano. Sammie plays piano and sings. I just can play chop sticks! & a little percussion s. Despite the journal page having too much water and curling some of the magazine image there were aspects of the page that I loved and can draw from when I create something on canvas or wood from this.

The second page I created was inspired from the days before Sammie when I would follow Leon around to his gigs and go out dancing. Now, the girls stay at home and the boys go out and play. This makes us sometime sing the blues other times it's just fine. We have are art projects keeping us busy. I kept the back ground the same colors to have some unity for the two pages.

I hope you are inspired to make a journal page about something to do with music. Maybe what instrument you played, how you sang, who inspires you musically, what music you love or about a time you used to go out and enjoy going to pubs and listening to music. What ever it is I hope your singing the blues in a good way!

Journal Prompt: Create a journal page that has something to do with music.

Quote: Blues means what milk does to a baby. Blues is what the spirit is to a minister. We sing the blues because our hearts have been hurt, our souls have been disturbed. Alberta Hunter ( American Blues Singer)

Food for Thought: This 32 sec. video add for Moleskine Music Journals * makes me wanting to make another video for you & learn more about editing! 

I am glad I saw the add it'll be the perfect music journal for Sammie who is starting to write her own music on the piano.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art Bag Inspiration

I thought I would share a few things that inspired me this morning while looking for something to post on my craft blog. It just happens to be Art Bags that I am posting about today and if you would like to see some summer craft inspiration I have a round up of tutorials I started and that will be added to over the summer months, just pop over to MsartistSewCrafty and follow along if you like. You will be inspired to try some crafty tutorials when you see them! Now onto the Art Bag Inspiration;

Crafty with an artistically inspired flair
The Art Bags~

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Kathy-Cano Murillo

Shilpa Ruchandani 
Christy Sobolewski

These artistic ladies have shared their images but another I found and just fell in love with was DJ Pettit!

Now are you as inspired as I am to make an art bag? This is totally on my summer to do list too busy or not!

Have you or do you think you would like to make an art bag? 

Don't let not sewing stop you! Check out these canvas bag options; be sure and use fabric paints or techniques for painting on canvas.