Friday, October 29, 2010

Do You Ever Want A Do Over & A Cupcake?

Welcome to my little pity party:

I could of used some magic! Sneak peak~

So festive with our Martha Stewart stickers!
Happy we actually got them done!

Wish you were here to have a cupcake and coffee with me! Hoping for a better weekend!

I have been a little quieter than normal this week. I had several days with a migraine & just all round thumbs down. I guess I am having a mini pity party today, so hope you bare with me!
I thought it was just me but Sammie was having a not so good week too. #1 indication: Going to school with your jeans on backwards and not being able to figure out why your pants are falling down all day! * must admit I got the biggest laugh from this when I figured out the problem after school!! #2 being so extremely tired on another day that you have a melt down on the way home from school #3 helping your mom make cupcakes and you crack the eggs in a separate bowl but forget to put them in & mom doesn't notice!

My indication #1 migraines for two days straight #2 so drained on third day and all house work backing up #3no creative time #4 not seeing the cupcake batter didn't get the eggs. (all batter in liners back into bowl and try again! +eggs and stir, into new liners) * should of made a funniest home video!

Then today arrives at Sammie's school to deliver the cupcakes. I parked and we walked over, bell rings at the inside of the entry way just as it rings, we were stopped for a tardy slip! No grace period at this school!! Not even 1minute~ Wait for it to be written, go with Sam to class deliver the cupcakes for the party & see her off. That was the icing on the cake for the week! Any how saved you a cupcake and sneak peak of new art for Sunday~ Hope your week was better than ours! Did you ever just want a week done and gone or a do over?? Here's hoping for a better weekend and wishing you the same!