Saturday, May 28, 2011

Journal Prompt "No One Should Be Like A Caged Bird"

This weeks journal prompt is continued  from my post on Friday.It isn't about making a page related to what I wrote.. It is about looking at found objects differently. I used old Polaroid film that I found expired from a yard sale camera the Mr. found for me. Maybe I will never have the film to work the camera, but I have used the expired film in my journal page and it will also be on my canvas when I rework the journal page onto canvas.

*Please note that in the previous post I in no way was indicating anything wrong with being stay at home mom. I am one. As is my second youngest daughter. You can read my response to a concerned reader, in the comments, should you read prior post.

 I took the expired film glued images on them then wrote and painted after writing on them.

Also you can use imagery not only from magazines but to cut out shapes to represent items from page content. I found an image of the rustic wood and cut an image of the women out of it. Then I used graphite pencil to enhance edges and blue paint on the outside. This was all painted over writing I had first done on the orange painted page. Later not shown here I outline the heart with wings with graphite pencil having it show up more.

I don't let rips, mistakes stop my process I let my intuition guide me

Sometimes imagery can tell a story

My ah ha moment with this piece is that you don't have to have the perfect cage door open, or the perfect image of a woman running painted, imagery can represent those actions without having to be that thing. Example the bird flying at her head representing freedom, being freed. The white on the cage representing a light of freedom, the shape of the woman in white with textures to simulate movement.
If you would like to read the full post of what this journal page was about just visit the prior post here.

 What ah ha moments have you had when painting or creating something?

Journal Prompt: for this week is for you to incorporate found objects into your journal page. Also not be afraid to use loose imagery to tell a story. Do not worry about rips, tears or making mistakes.

Food for Thought:
The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Anelou

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