Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vintage Circus Clowns & Circus Wagons

Here is a painting I did that is second to the one I haven't shown you yet~ I was inspired by the vintage clown but changed it to have a futuristic styled hair and air about it~
It is quite different from the other one I have been doing lately but I needed to paint with a more free styled brush stroke~ I would love to hear what you think.
Here's a little Vintage Circus History/Entertainment for you~

Circus Wagons

I came across these Vintage Videos of the Circus and a little history and had to share. I just found them interesting and am hoping you might too~
Happy Weekend to you all, Theresa

Vintage Circus Cabaret Trio

Here is my Vintage Circus Cabaret Trio~ All done is in Acrylics with pastel type hues. For my own purposes I looked up the true definition of Cabaret:
  1. A restaurant or nightclub providing short programs of live entertainment.
  2. The floor show presented by such a restaurant or nightclub.
So for me whether you call it Circus, Cabaret, Performing Arts it is all subjective as I have created my own Vintage Circus Cabaret Trio~

The Cabaret is said to have originated in France around 1880~ If you want to know more you can visit the link above. Below is a Vintage poster reproduction that is for sale by following the link~

Le Frou-Frou

Seeing the image above may put a new spin on my direction of Vintage Circus to Cabaret~ But not just yet, you see before I go there I have my two new paintings done to show you very soon! In a bolder and I think more futuristic or modern style~
What have you been painting lately? Has there been a theme or series you are or have worked on? I would love to know what you are working on, do tell~
Oh, and I found some cool old circus videos that I am going to share too!

"They are creating a circus atmosphere." ~ David Scheffer