Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deer Girl 2 Sketch To Painted

Another weeks flies by! I found myself doing a little sketching, taking the sketches and adding colored pencils mocking up my colors then painting. This week I went to my tried and true, acrylics. I like using watercolor pencil but decided watercolors themselves aren't for me. I have not found the happy place with them.

The initial sketch had no color pencil :
I color penciled to see how I wanted to paint her.

Here is my deer hunter /deer girl painted with acrylics and some color pencil work, but not much.  Here she is painted with acrylics and no background

 Here is a close up of her. I am still experimenting with my imaginary friends. I didn't get to paint over last weeks girl yet, but I am going to.

I kind of like her without a background, but I played around with this background almost like if someone walked up with a flashlight in the dark and saw he.

 Click to enlarge

Here is a collage of the images that you can click and see the details larger. I hope to get more painting in next week. Hindered by my first migraine of the year. I am hoping they don't come to visit too often and I would be happy to never see them again. Maybe my girl can hunt them down with her bow and arrow. lol The Mr. got me some medicine and it helped. I am planning on playing along with Paint Party Friday. Do join in if you paint! Visit either way to see others. I hope to get some journaling done next week, but if nothing else I have another sketch to paint. Have a wonderful weekend.