Monday, September 21, 2009

Petite Marie Stylized Marie Antoinette Almost Completed

Her hair has some raised textures created using Golden's Molding Paste, I tried to bring out the details of that with colored pencils over paint~
Petite Marie has a cake and a pheasant in her hair on the left side an embellishment that isn't showing up in the photograph~
Detailing on the dress~ Some glitter and pearlized buttons~

Petite Marie has not been waxed yet and I may add a few defining details prior to that but overall I am pleased with how she is coming along~ I will try and take some photographs outside in daylight hoping the textural aspects and some other details show more~

Mosaic Monday

Today I am participating in Mosaic Monday at Mary's Dear Little Red House- Her question is what is your favorite color? My favorite color changes, like the seasons~ How can you choose just one favorite color? When the world offers you so many~All I know is that being an artist you live for color and the combinations you can make with it in your works, as seen in photographs and others artwork, quilts, nature and anywhere you can find its loveliness! To view credits for these photographs go to my flickr page and view the gallery I made by clicking on the pictures~

My favorite color changes with the seasons and is most inspired by nature~
Signs of Autumn by Rudy MalmquistMonarch DSC_6500_c_e by thoeflich Pink ranunculus macro by play4smee Alegria! by cecgodoy Pass Me Up.. by whumason Rose 1 by riefapic Raining? Milk Umbrella Droplet! by canonchriss Butterfly 2 by Mariinna PITANGA -  (19) by ALEXANDRE SAMPAIO Magical Cone Flower by Aqua0646 Flor Naranja/Orange flower by alfaneque wiggly worms in pink! by kya1993 w m by fairywingsKAT IMG_9437F by PhotoPuddle Australian of my fav fruits^^ by VitaminJ_Singapore Blue Stain Fungus by elsewhereness Welcome to Fall~