Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello Readers & Paint Party Friday Folks. Welcome to the Forest of Work In Progress, meet the gnomes. I thought after my last painting I needed to do something fun and whimsical. Recently I have been inspired by gnomes and mushrooms. Thinking of visits to the forest. In my little scene my two gnomes are going to have a little gnome meal and then enjoy a fire. Of course they will have little forest dwellers visit. But we'll have to wait and see who. 

Here you can see I have sketched a table setting.

My girl gnome has just fixed strawberry tea. 

I am thinking this gnome needs a bow and arrow. We'll see. Maybe he's vegetarian.

Oh the bunny has arrived! lol We'll have to wait and see who else will be here.

In case you are interested I posted my progress on my purple girl and ending up naming the painting Spring  Garden. If you would like to see the post about her, I think I may be finished just visit yesterdays post here

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Do you love gnomes? or fairies?

Spring Garden "Artwork In Progress part 2"

Today I thought I would share with you where I am at with my painting of a girl with flowers in the background. If you want to see my first post about this painting you can read about it in this post - Artwork in Progress I am at a stopping point. Is she completed? I think she might be. She is soaking in all of springs glory. The jasmine, lilacs, exotic blooms.....

I ended up changing her eye and nose, after getting my little model to sit still for a minute. I also made a collage of some before shots next to the completed painting. So you can see the differences.

I think I need to photograph this painting outdoors to capture its true colors, but I may have taken the photo above before adding pastels making the greens and yellows pop a bit more. I'm loosing track lol, with the science fair and talent show stuff going on for Sammie.

If you close your eyes and smell spring blooms do you see them in your mind? This is how it would look to me if I could capture the word fragrance.

Before are the three photographs on the left, stacked. The purple acrylic paint had more blue and white in it. After on the right more purple added to the acrylic paint. So here she sits like a bloom waiting in the garden to see if she is done evolving and growing like a spring flower. I will share her photograph when I get a chance to get out in the sun and take a good photograph in day time sunlight.

What is your favorite spring garden's fragrances?

Mine favorites are Narcissus 

I hope you are having a wonderful and creative week! 
To be overcome by fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat ~ Beverly Nichols