Thursday, September 1, 2011

Color Pattern & More Wishes

A little color,  a little pattern and getting back into the art room today. I have been busy getting ready for changes here, tech things, but more of that later and on to the color and pattern~
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  I called this pattern He loves me.

Did you ever sit in the grass as a child or teen and pull the petals off of daisy s? He loves me, he loves me not. That is what this pattern reminded me of. I made a few other patterns over on Colourlovers; Organic Poppy, Lovely Travels, Lovely Travels 2, Deers Sunrise it is amazing how you could just keep making patterns with colors. I love that! I want to print some patterns on fabric and sew something soon!

 Here is one of the color palettes I came up with. I just had to add the wishes for you in the left corner and my painted illustration in the right where I had taken the color inspiration from in case you didn't stop by the other day. If you have time see Tuesday's post I shared some lovely music and wishes~

 Painted Illustration by Theresa Huse 2011
 Wishing you living and loving your great big dreams~

 One thing I have learned is if you don't love them and live it then it won't happen, so nurture your heartfelt dreams and follow them where ever they lead you. If you 'd like to see more people working on their dreams visit Paint Party Friday artists and even join in. * see my resource page for link.
I hope I have more to report soon! Along with the full painted illustration. Follow along with GFC or Subscribe if you like I'd love to have you here and visit you~ Have a great weekend!

When did you start following your heart and nurturing your dreams? 
What plans do you have for Labor Day Weekend?