Friday, December 10, 2010

Acrylic Painting & Pastels on Paper "Her Aura Was Blue"

Happy Friday to you! Yes finally some art to share. I was completely feeling out of sorts yesterday. My heart kept tugging at me! Something was missing~An uneasiness that it had been since prior to Thanksgiving since I had painted. Really? Yes that long! So I sat down to do some sketching in a small book, then I took a likeness to the girl who was becoming and decided to do her larger. At first a sketch but those heart strings were pulling me to paint! So that I did adding paint, pastels, water color pencil, colors and  layers acrylics. Yes I even ripped my paper but I didn't stop. I almost felt like her tare was right where a tear would be so I keep going and named this Her Aura Was Blue. Today I am easier with myself knowing my brushes are waiting for me to return no matter how long it is, I hope to get in some more painting this weekend. What about you?

The meaning of a blue aura is spiritual, but in the negative it is melancholy or blue. But generally a blue aura is meant to be positive.
Art is only a way of expressing pain. ~John Lennon