Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Painting Video & You Tube Channel

Hello Dear Readers, Honestly I have been wanting to do a video for ever! I was gifted a Kodak play/sport which means I can make videos now! And that I did. So I created a You Tube Channel and the link is on my side bar for future visits! I hope you can visit and subscribe to my channel. I will be creating more videos.

My first Video is of me working on my gnomes painting

I want to learn an editing program and need to find a simple one. The one I borrowed was pretty complex and I was literally ready to pull my hair out by the end of the night. I also found out I need to have a good stash of music files.

So when you view this please know it was made from a 17 min. video down to 3min. Music was added that I had. It took an entire day, including creating my channel! What a learning experience. Next time I am sure it will be much easier! So If you like it ; Please leave me a comment, subscribe and give it a thumbs up and spur me on to create some more videos for you to enjoy! Maybe even a tutorial will pop up down the road......

I will post the final painting when done so you can have a better look! PS. Let me know if you have a You Tube Channel!  Have you made an art video? What is your favorite editing program ?

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Here is what I used: