Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Color From My Garden

Have you ever watched a flower blossom? It is so fascinating to me, this isn't time lapsed photography I actually watched it unfold in a matter of half an hour or so. I just checking back and shooting photos.

This is one of the color palettes and designs I came up with from the photography of these daisy s. There are spots of orange, pollen in the center. Nature is so  beautiful! The colors and patterns nature gives us captivates me and inspires me so.

Colour Lovers is going to be expanding their studio with software you can import and use your own shapes, images and more. I can't wait. I am so wanting to create some of my own patterns and then make fabric and paper from them. But for now, Sammie is calling me every 5 minutes. I need to get a plan so I can work in between entertaining, taking her to the pool and what ever else comes up.

H mm, I forgot how challenging summer can be without a plan. So off to hang out the laundry on the line, while making a mental plan of summer and  to watch her play. Maybe I will find a butterfly in my garden while looking at flowers like this lady in the pattern. Or something to inspire a new painting to work on.Wouldn't that be nice~

What summer plans of art or travel do you have? What colors are inspiring you today?