Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photography, Summer Goals, A Good Cause + Hello Summer!

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Just dropping in to say a little hello, its been too long and I miss you all. Anxious for summer break! Also an offer to share, along with news!! I just finished one of my personal journal books. Hooray! Now, onto a new one. I hadn't picked up my paints in quite awhile and have been missing painting! (accept to volunteer at Sammie's school for play backdrops)

Sammie gets out of school in a week so maybe having the time I spend in the car driving to school, sitting in  the parking lot chaos...  I can fit in some of my goals. Hello Summer!! Here is a photograph I took and altered with a frame. Soon I will share some new art!

Summer Goals: 
#1. re- kindle my artwork
#2. get my site completed to migrate this one. I know, I, talk, talk lol (don't forget I am running Creativity, Crafting & Inspired Living)
#3. add the rest of my work into my shop & have a summer sale!
#4  share my 1year anniversary with a giveaway for DearCreatives and your welcome to join in!
#5  remember not to compare where I am, what I am doing to focus on what makes me grow creatively with my art work!

A Good Cause! 

If any of you sew I just blogged about a great organization, along with their current project just ending, but still accepting Aprons for Haiti until late July! Craft Hope's Project #17. Feel free to drop by and find out how to help, make one, send it off and in turn they send it to Haitian women in need....I posted lots of free patterns and tutorials on DearCreatives. The most current post Still Time Craft Hope Update will take to needed info.

I am looking to catching up on my reading this summer too!

What painting, crafts reading have you been up to? I'd love to hear how you are! 
And What Your Summer Plans Are !? 

PS: Did you know Target has many painting & craft books available? 

One of my favorites on sale is How to Draw and Paint Fairies To see more just go to the Books Category and then on the side bar click Crafts and Hobbies! 

This is an offer I am happy to pass on to you! Especially because you won't see a lot of these titles we love the most carried in local Target stores!
Spend $50, Get Free Shipping on Select Movies, Music & Books at

That's it for today! Stay in touch~ 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Nature Photography

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Hello,  Many changes are coming with spring. Today I thought I would share a little photography of things I captured on an late afternoon walk.

 I know late in the afternoon the hummingbirds can not resist the bottle brush it is a stunning plant full of nectar. I waited patiently among the bush edge for at least 20 minutes. Down in front of me swooped this hummingbird so close I could of kissed it, saying hello to me and asking me to leave. I didn't and it decided to indulge any way. That is when I was able to capture some quick shots of it feeding. I must ready my plants in the yard for my dear little hummingbirds that I love to watch. I have seen yellow finches of late among other birds returning.

I am not sure what type of tree this is, but it's blooms were beautiful, pretty, pink with the green leaves in the back had me taking quite a few images. This is only one of them.

 Yes what was barren is starting to have buds. Who was gone is coming back into sight. The delights of spring are upon us. Have you noticed things beginning to change?

I have been sewing lately read about it here: DearCreatives

On the good end I have updated my shop with some postcards and I hope to be adding more soon! You can also find some handmade and original artwork too that I have for sale. Do sign the guest book if you pop by. You can also sign up for my newsletter (*on sidebar here) where you would be notified of sales along with discounts.

Thanks for stopping in!

What are you working on creatively? Are you looking forward to spring as much as I am?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Newest Illustration "Deer Girl With Heart" & Hope Unlimited's Valentine Project

Wishing all my blogger friends, Facebook friends and of course my friends along with my family a Happy Valentines day! I wanted to share with you my newest illustration. This is just a close up altered with hearts on it.

This deer girl is a mock up from a drawing. This rendition is #2 close up from the drawing I did in all pencil. She is done in colored pencil, water color pencil & then I added the heart effects onto the image. I plan on possibly enlarging & putting her on canvas or try another version of my deer girl with a heart. I will show you the whole unaltered illustration when I have time to edit the photograph and then I will be making prints.

Sometimes I find a kind of paradox on how I create such layered works and yet I love to try and push myself to use less and really focus onto the heart of the drawing. Hmm, no pun really intended. These days I am all over the place with my work. Drawing, painting, sewing, crafting. Like my work some days I am feeling scattered. lol I am going to buckle down I promise, sharing more....

Any how, Sammie had no school yesterday. We made cupcakes, Valentine Cards, previously I tried creating from a tutorial by Terri from Artful Affirmations. To see all that goodness along with my post the Many forms of love you can visit me at And if you have something creative you'd like me to share enter my link up! Art, photography, jewelry, name it. Etsy shops welcome too!

Sammie and I are making Valentines for Hope Unlimited's Valentines Project to find out how you can help you can visit this blog post and grab your free Valentine printable s or visit Hope Unlimited. You have until April to send them in!

Send your Valentines to:

Please send your cards marked “Valentine Project”
Hope Unlimited for Children, PO Box 2707, Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Wishing you all things sweet.
What are your Valentines plans?