Sunday, October 4, 2009

Follow Your Dreams- Harvest Moon

Full Moon Dream board ~
I put together these images for my dream board to enable me to see my dreams and steps I have been taking come into fruition. I have always had a creative outlet. I have done many things to support my family and now I am trying to turn my life passion into where I want to be~ Not only being creative but being able to let my visions become reality~ Working from home. Creating artwork to sell. I am ready to share what I have created and what I am creating. Having faith that my path is the right one and now is the right time ~ Seeing the domino effect of positivity and being more positive~ Having my vision become a reality~
Today I am participating in Jamie Ridler Studios -Full moon dream boards~ This is my first time doing this and I thank Jamie for the inspiration. Drop by her link if you would like to learn more and see other people's dream boards. ~Hope to see you again soon. Theresa