Thursday, April 30, 2009

~ Why I love blogging ~

~ I love blogging because ~

Blogging is like a modern day version of a message in a bottle.

When you create a post and send it off into the web it is as if you have put a message in a bottle and sent it to sea for someone to find.

You want your message to be found and read by others although you may be hesitant sharing your written word, visual work or feelings.

When someone does find your message it is like they are peeking into your soul.

The greatest gift to a blogger is to see our message sent yet again to another, sharing our inspiration and passions.

For us to receive comments on our posts of how we have touched someone is like having the message in the bottle found, our message read and understood.

~Blogging is a modern day connection of a message in a bottle~

~ Dreams in the wind will carry me and soon I will be free ~ A canvas can do miracles ~