Friday, February 18, 2011

Photography Faded

Oh hello friends! Yes I have been spending quite a bit of time on the computer with Photo Shop. But since I haven't mastered it some of the work was done via Picnik. Like the first image. I just put overlays of faded text and added the brick background to my image. The second image I did in Photo Shop it was quite bright and the white flowers just pop but since I am playing along with Inspiration Avenues prompt Faded I gave it a faded overlay. And the third image I just took most of the color out and again faded it. So today I am feeling since its pouring rain here and I am on computer overload, I just might have to paint this afternoon and take a break from the computer!
Oh and a bit of news I am excited to say I have done a blog redo with the help of  Kaelah. So if you read this blog from a reader or just haven't visited in awhile from other places I hope you pop on over and let me know if you like it! More news and changes coming soon!
Oh and speaking of favorite faded item is my jeans.  What is your favorite faded item?