Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Note to readers of my blog (s)

*note to all who have commented (in the past) : I have sent out emails in response and found out that some were undelivered! To anyone who has left a comment and thought I haven't responded I apologize!

I have read and been so thankful for every one's comments and appreciate the time you take to leave me a note or response to a question I have asked!

I will be leaving a comments on the blog & will try to continue
to email all who have linked emails. I found out some of my followers have unlinked emails and weren't getting delivered ( I was emailing all responses previously). If you have ever encountered this you know what I am talking about. & the worst part is not knowing as I email early am or late night and didn't catch that until reading someone else's blog & the encountered the same thing. Live and learn!!

Do you comment on your own blog? or try and email your readers? or do both?

Fabric From Paper

photographs of three fabrics made from paper for art quiltingI just wanted to share with you some fabrics I am making from paper. These are three different ones. I may continue to layer more onto them. As I am not sure if I am happy with all the results. I am learning how to create these art fabrics from paper when they dry the results vary & may need changing. After the fabric is made then to create an art quilt from them. I hope to have time to work on more this week. I will show you the progress as I go along.
Have you ever tried making your own fabric? or creating an art quilt?

Today I am trying to complete my snowmen for a contest from Styrofoam & The DYI Dish I have to complete them today and photograph them. I promise to share. If you haven't seen them you can hop over to my other blog and see their bases in progress. They are almost ready now. The final touches, staging and photos next! Busy, busy creating and cleaning up messes~
But it sure is fun! What projects are you working on?