Friday, April 15, 2011

In My Garden, Blossoming & Color Inspiration

Yesterday I went to the front garden area which is rather small on either section of the walkways but there were several things that captured my heart. I took out my camera to take some photographs of my roses blooming. When I was out there I heard the hummingbirds in the trees, we had disturbed them and they were waiting for us to leave. I patiently waited over thirty minutes, they couldn't take not getting their afternoon nectar treat. So down they came from the trees to the bushes full of nectar. Another thing that caught my eye was how Sammie all ready for her talent show looked so beautiful and as if she had blossomed. I had to ask her to stop for a photograph.

  Color Inspiration
 Late but not forgotten, color inspiration from the hummingbird photograph. I promise to share more hummingbird and flower photographs in a week or so, after I have time to edit and upload.

PS; I posted a note about looking for guest bloggers to feature on my blog in my last post.  I need several guest bloggers in May as my oldest daughter is getting married. Just email me if you are interested!!

What has captured your heart lately?