Monday, June 7, 2010

Mail Art Inspiration for Mixed Media



Oh hello again. Why might you ask are you doing a post on communication when it doesn't have to do with communication between people in the sense of conversation well let me tell you~ I have sent and received mail recently that is special. Two of my packages that I sent were to Canada. One received just fine and the other who knows where. I just wonder what happens to mail that isn't delivered properly~ Definitely a snail mail fail! So if my dear blogging friend doesn't receive her mail I shall bundle up a package again and send it a new. But on the brighter side I have to tell you I have received one of my older daughters invitations to her wedding. The invitation is so pretty and brings wonderful images to mind. Speaking by which I have to share this link with you. Where mail and stamp collecting kind of meet and make art! When I clicked the archive I was in awe of the images from the blog Goodmailday. I hope you get to pop on over for a visual treat and are inspired to create some mail art. Best wishes that every day be a good mail day! Did you ever know anyone to collect stamps? Have you used mail or stamps in your art? I haven't done mail art in quite a while but now I am inspired to, how about you?


For a little more inspiration Flickr Mail Art group~