Thursday, February 26, 2009

Singing in the rain! Journal Post continued ~

Here is the rainy day inspired journal page! Heading out for the long weekend~

Winter 09 Journal Background Pages

Here are some of the latest backgrounds for my journal pages. It has been cold and rainy here quite a bit. We need it! Keeping in mind that behind the showers are sunshine and flowers~ Some of my favorite things. I haven't been painting as much as I should. I started to spring clean and organize. That is always time consuming! Now it is time for a break.
I am about to go up to Northern California to visit with family. It is about a four hour drive. I am sure I will have lots of inspiration from the weekend away. We are planning to lunch in Healdsburg, Ca. and to take a wine tour then stay near my daughter's in Petaluma. I have lots to do today and will post more art and some photo's of our trip when I get back. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shadow Box Continued

Here is a picture I took of a spot we like to go to in a coastal town about 45 minutes from us. The town is Cambria. I am sure I will post more pictures once spring hits and we get out there. We have many great memories of going to the gardens and beach with my mom. Her 2nd anniversary of her passing is coming up in July. I can't believe how fast time passes! So much is missed of her. She was the kind of person to inspire many to continue trying and never give up, until you reach your goals! We will save a place in our hearts to follow our heart's desires until our dreams are reached!
Here is a larger photo of the shadow box. It has a vintage heart, cherib, feather, spool of silver thread and antique iron all of which belonged to my mom. She loved collectibles and broaches.

Shadow Box

This shadow box was a re purpose of an old shadow box with a flower arrangement in it. I dissembled and sanded down the frame. I spray painted the frame, backing and matte board. I took a photograph of my daughter from a performance and altered it by rubbing with sandpaper, using stamps and paints. I slanted the glass so I had a space to put my mixed media. These pieces belonged to my mom ( she has passed away) . I put a message she would give to us "follow your heart" on the photograph in pen. I was pleased with the outcome. It really evoked a message with meaning for me. I used purple and gold to represent a royal and heavenly feeling to her memory.

Monday, February 16, 2009


This is a mixed media piece I did using photographs of my daughter Jenni and a mannequin. I used found objects, sea shells, string, glitter and some recycle. I love using teal blues and greens. This piece was done on canvas panel. I am not sure if I will frame it. I altered some of the pictures fooling around in photo shop. I would really like to learn the program and am only experimenting with it at this time. I have had no set plan when I have started. I paint the background first and then arrange the pictures and objects to try and create a visual balance. I love the sparkle of glitter! This is actual glitter glued on for more texture vs glitter glue in paint.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Journal Page Things I love

Journal Pages:
I have been taking a Journaling Class from Paulette Insall. It has been wonderful to connect with other artist's, see their works for inspiration. I noticed many artist's using a particular style. I don't know if I have found mine yet! But I am certainly having fun with the process.
These two pages are of some of the things I love. Today for me the colors evoke a warm feeling contrary to the weather we are having outside!
With all the rain and cold I hope to bundle up and paint some today.
I encourage you to do the same. Just take the time to do something creative for you. I know time can be a problem. But if we don't take the time for ourselves then we may regret not having taken the time to create. Having a creative outlet can let our minds go and experience freedom from all that we have to do!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Series of Three Mixed Media Valentines

This was painted on 5x7 Canvas Panel.
What I like about Canvas Panel is that it is 100% recycled materials and Gesso primed for use with all mediums.
The picture of the baby is my granddaughter Audrey! How could you not love a pretty little face like that! She is blowing xxoo's. Love Is The Sweetest Thing is an actual music composition. By adding it to the pictures I thought it gave it a romantic feel. I actually used hot pink to give them a more modern look.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just in time for Valentines Day!

In Somerset Life Jan/Feb 09 I was inspired by Victorian Cones (pg. 88).
I put a twist on it making them with a picture of cherub's, music and vintage lace.
There is nothing like adding a little glitter for sparkle!
And just in time for Valentines Day~
This is a simple project:(No pattern needed !) All that is needed is card stock paper, a little lace, copy of some sheet music, romantic picture, ribbon's, and some floral supplies and glue. Just shape the paper into a cone. Cut the top with any shapes or make the cone even. Then glue on your embellishments! You can always glue on a loop on the back to hang it from a hook.You may fill this with shredded paper, dried floral' s or candies on Valentines Day.
Then just place your Victorian cone on a mantle or any where that you need that little Victorian romantic touch~ This is a great project for all those little scraps of lace or ribbon you did n 't know what to do with.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lovely Balerina

Here is a picture of a project that was inspired from a book by Sandra Evertson -Fanciful Paper Projects!
(Prima Ballerina pg.28) The projects are for personal use only! I highly recommend her projects for anyone starting out in paper projects to spark their creativity! The wire that she is hanging from is gold with crystals twisted in and I also painted her to make her my own. I wish the photograph showed that. They sparkle with any light on them it was worth twisting them in.

Link to journal pages
This is a link to photos of my journal that is in progress. I wanted to put a slide show up but learning how to get the two sites to share work. So in the mean time if you would like to view pictures at least you have a link. Sorry you'll have to copy and paste link.
I will post some new photos on my next post. Hope your having a wonderful day!

You found me creating!

Welcome to my new blog spot. If you have found me by chance it is for a reason.
I am creating a place to grow artistically and meet great people along the way.
I hope to share ideas, art and techniques with you and have you share them with me.