Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reflections & A Reminder

I have been MIA this week. It has been hotter than hot here. I can't seem to get my head out of the freezer and creating anything! But, here are a few things I did work on prior to things being heated up!

 Editing photos
Do not use without giving credit
River by the waterfalls of Lake Tahoe
How quickly things race by us, rivers, visits with family, life, time......
I feel like my head hasn't been in the right place this week between the heat and close family friends losing a loved one. My mind has been elsewhere. Its always a reminder to be present for the ones you love and cherish your time here. And tell them that you  love them daily!

Part of my journal page

This is a part of the journal page I was working most recently. I wanted to post more but for some reason Picnik and my computer aren't agreeing. So I will have to run a scan and do all the fun tech stuff then hopefully I can post full page and story behind it on Friday. I incorporated twigs, netting and texture in this page.

Another Reminder 

I thought I would remind you to enter the giveaway here! All you artsy, crafty folks might like this for printing off your work! Just leave a comment to enter. It closes tonight at 7pm PST and the odds are good! ( its on my craft blog) I really wanted everyone to have a chance but could only have the giveaway over on my craft site. So if you want something for nothing but chance, just drop by and comment.

With that said I am off to spend time with the kiddo and help with the homework and maybe tonight when the Mr. is playing music I will have a chance to paint in the cool of the evening.

Have you had time to journal or make art lately?