Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Color, Art , Post Halloween Thoughts

Hi, thanks for being patient with my in between posts. I really have had some things going on and don't see slow being in the forecast until after the new year. Hopefully some new things to share soon too!

Any how since I usually blog about color inspiration on Tuesdays and have nothing of my own to share. I thought I would share another artist whose work caught my eye. His name is Johnny Taylor. I love his use of color and bold pop art style. He says, beside the pop art influence,"he draws inspiration from graffiti art and improvised music, particularly jazz, dub, and hip hop." Artist Statement

Recently I had come across this vintage camera ephemera of a camera and was really drawn to how Johnny used it in his art.

Another thing that inspired me is that in 1992-1993 he painted three paintings a day. I know how hard it is to complete one! If you would like to view Johnny's work check out his website JohnnyTaylorArt.com
Doesn't Johnny's art just make you want to play with color more?!! I sure do!

A little post Halloween. I hope you had an enjoyable time if you celebrate or have kiddos you take about.  Sammie's costume was a witch and her makeup I applied prior to her trick or treating. No real art to share, unless you consider makeup as an art. I do! It can create magic. It transformed her and her personality!

She let me take quite a few photographs of her after, which is always fun. Until the sugar high began to crash! lol

This photo was taken and altered. ( prior to makeup )  I wanted to post it yesterday but, never got the chance!
See you soon with some new artwork!
Whose art is inspiring you?