Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drawing Again

Practice, Practice, Practice. I always felt challenged drawing. Now I am challenging myself to improve on my drawing skills. I will never be the realist, cartoonist, character, or folk artist to speak of, but my aim is to improve my drawing skills and expand on them for painting. My first images inspired by the 20's and art deco. It is painted in acrylics and some watercolor pencils for face details. My second set which is a work in progress is inspired by Marie Antoinette. I am planning on using colored pencil and maybe some paints. I will re post it when complete.
What ever level you are at in drawing expanding on those skills is helpful. Even if you have never tried, once you start and see yourself improve is a wonderful feeling. I happened across a web site http://www. ~ It appears to be free with sign up and has tutorials from beginning to advanced and some for children too. There are also sessions given by artists. I am going to search around there some more. In the mean time, if drawing is the skill you would like to improve you might like to see what they have to offer. To start all you need is a good pencil like an H or H2, or even mechanical pencil. A sketchbook,a good eraser and patience.
"The essence of drawing is the line exploring space." ~ Andy Goldsworthy.

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