Saturday, September 12, 2009

Petite Marie Stylized Marie Antoinette

This is the sketch I drew to start the process and her little face~

Petite Marie in progress waiting for the molding paste to dry that is creating her hair~
Pretty pastels give it a vintage feel~
Mixed media can be organized to start but as you start pulling out all the things you want to work with it can get to be a creative mess~
Here are some pastel paints with fuchsia and golds..... What is to come? You'll want to see the transformation and how this takes on a new look. Drop by soon and see her completed! Do you want to make your own? Visit Suzi Blu's Le Petit Academy

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  1. She is so lovely! You did a wonderful job with her, and so fast! I am way behind you.
    I love her dress, and her face, and her fan...It is all good.
    Thanks for sharing the photos. I love seeing the progression.


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