Monday, September 21, 2009

Petite Marie Stylized Marie Antoinette Almost Completed

Her hair has some raised textures created using Golden's Molding Paste, I tried to bring out the details of that with colored pencils over paint~
Petite Marie has a cake and a pheasant in her hair on the left side an embellishment that isn't showing up in the photograph~
Detailing on the dress~ Some glitter and pearlized buttons~

Petite Marie has not been waxed yet and I may add a few defining details prior to that but overall I am pleased with how she is coming along~ I will try and take some photographs outside in daylight hoping the textural aspects and some other details show more~


  1. Petite Marie is looking beautiful

  2. Oh she has really turned out so beautiful! You have done such a wonderful job choosing your colors and elements. I just love her dress and all her hair adornments.
    I am not as far as you, still the final video to do.
    I look forward to seeing how the beeswax turns out on your Marie.


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