Friday, January 15, 2010

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts~ This is my first doll using a paper clay technique. I took a class at Gritty Janes ning group. I have made cloth dolls before and enjoyed the process. There was a challenge up and I guess you could say I was up for another challenge. I don't expect to win anything, just stretch what I am creating and the mediums I use. There are some fabulous doll artists over
at Cloth and Clay dolls! The class I took was for making a folk art doll. I just changed it a bit to fit the theme. I didn't antique her as when I envision the queen of hearts I see her as very white, never getting sun on her skin and someone carrying a parasol for her. I admit her face isn't like a pretty doll and it might of helped if I had sanded her face prior to painting but I was so excited I just plunged in and created her. I can't wait to make another paper clay doll and antique the next one so she is more like a traditional folk art doll. I also must admit I love to sew. I am not the greatest seamstress but my mom and grandma were. I wish they were still here to help me grow in my skills. But for now I am happy to sew simply and if I need to struggle to grow in any craft I am willing to do the work~ for the outcome far exceeds the minor struggles. Learning and creating is a process. What mediums have you wanted to learn? What have you wanted to try and create but haven't taken the leap? I know I am going to challenge myself more and can't wait to share some more with you~


  1. Your doll is wonderful! I do like how you did her. I can hear your excitement about this type of crafting. I will check in again to see your next dolls.
    I get excited about all kinds of mediums. Today I am excited about making jewelry and I hope to do so tomorrow.
    Isn't being creative life giving???


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