Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Art Journal Pages Guide Me "Buddah"

I am always in awe of spiritual figures. The vast array of religious beliefs that can be had.
Spiritual figures remind us of humanity, our wish to transcend to another space when creating, to lead with your heart, to hope for a future beyond our physical world, to be able to reach for guidance and acceptance of our own selves.
I am truly inspired to do more spiritual art and angel art when I look to the masters of the Renaissance Period and other times.
What period of art inspires you? Have you done a spiritual inspired page in your journal?

" The artist has a special task: that of reminding men of their humanity and the promise of their creativity" Lewis Mumford

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. John W Gardner


  1. This is really special! I can tell you really connected with it. The colors and gold writing work so well. I love the flowers and Buddha too!

  2. I just love Buddha! These journal pages are really terrific. They have such a great flow and feel!

  3. Found my way here from the value class, just wanted to comment on your beautiful journal spread - wow, love the colors and the lotus flower!


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