Friday, April 23, 2010

Save The Dolphins

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Did you watched the Oprah show on Earth day? What they showed from the movie "The Cove" was actual footage of the brutality and killing of dolphins in Japan. The film was heartbreaking! This video above doesn't show all that they did from the film footage on Oprah, but it gets the point across.These films made me want to help spread the word~ Please take the time to sign the petition and visit some of the suggested sites and maybe even post a badge on your blog.
To find out more about saving the dolphins visit these links-
Save the Dolphins and Take Part/The Cove
You can visit here to paste a badge (not a facebook link) where you would like on blog or your facebook page or where ever you can put a html code to help! Won't you consider joining the cause helping dolphins from being slaughtered and help our planet too by educating others~
Thank you

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