Sunday, July 4, 2010

Simply Sunday "Happy Fourth of July"

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1. red white and blue quilt, 2. 188/365, 3. Apple Pie Filling, 4. Red White & Blue Quilt, 5. Red, White and Blue, 6. Red, White & Blue, 7. Red, White, and Blue, 8. Cow's Skull Red White and Blue by Georgia O'Keeffe in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, March 2008, 9. Red White and Blue Picnic Quilt, 10. American Watermelon, 11. Apple Pie, 12. Blue-Ribbon Apple Pie, 13. red white and blue buttons and thread, 14. Red, White, And Blue (Plus A Little Green, Brown, And Black), 15. Red, White & Blue Fireworks, 16. Red, white and blue

Happy Fourth of July! I hope this finds you enjoying your day with a picnic or friends. I put together some images of what things evoke the feelings of being American. As an after thought baseball is another that I would of added and there is so much more that I thought of too. I haven't done a Fourth of July journal page yet but now I am inspired to one now and when I do I will post it for you to view~ And nothing says the Fourth of July more than ending it with fireworks and a good piece of apple pie! Write down your thoughts on being American. What does the Fourth of July hold for you? What images come to mind when you think of the Fourth of July? Maybe try a collage of images in your journal? Take some photographs of your Fourth of July~ I would love to see what you come up with and have added Mr. Linky for you to share your work. I hope you are able to keep your day simple and enjoy Sunday for all it holds for you.

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